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7 Great DataOps Tools for your business

The era of big data is upon us. It calls for powerful & efficient data operation tools which can automate business processes & reduce the processing time for enormous data sets in the data analytics. The concept of DataOps works towards this end. It is a process-oriented-methodology that uses statistical process controls to monitor & control data analytics pipeline. In this post, we are going to discuss some great DataOps tools which are very helpful for your business.


It is a data pipeline tool developed by Netflix. It is an open source tool which offers distributed job orchestration services. This tool gives APIs to developers who want to run a wide range of job with Big Data. It also helps distributed processing clusters by providing APIs for metadata management.  


This is also a data pipeline tool. In actuality it’s a package of ML based DataOps tools that help organizations to smoothly & efficiently scan data. It uses a set of APIs to expose the company data. The APIs integrate easily with the other digital assets of the organization. Also, with this tool you can merge batch & real-time to get the best of data technologies along with detailed support. With due focus on AI, Piper enables companies to minimize turnaround time of data operations & use its pre-packaged data apps to manage the complete SDLC.  


It is an open-source DataOps platform from Apache. Organizations use it to manage complex workflows by considering data processes as DAG (Directed Acyclic Graphs). This took was first designed by the Airbnb for the purpose of monitoring & scheduling their workflows. At present, organizations can use this open-source tool to do the management of their data processes on macOS, Linux, and Windows. 

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It’s a great cloud data integration platform with which businesses can make accurate business decisions by integrating all the data residing in the company in a regular business-centric format. Using this tool, you can clean the stored data & make it analytics-ready for the enterprises. This tool not only enhances the security of the stored data but also helps in monitoring & validating it.


This platform includes ML tools that help in big data quality validation & data matching keeping self-learning as the basis of it. This tool uses advanced ML techniques to learn about data quality behaviors & models, and also helps in testing big data with just three clicks. Your enterprise data may be moving through multiple IT platforms, and with FirstEigen you are sure that accuracy, completeness, and sanctity of the data is maintained throughout its lifecycle.  


RightData is a self-service group of applications. It ensures data quality assurance, integrity audit, continuous control, and automated validation. All the organizations which are looking for tools with automated testing & reconciliation capabilities prefer this tool. With RightData, you are equipped for testing data migration, database upgrades, DAP, BI, reports, and much more.  


Badook is a very popular tool for the data scientists. With this tool they can write automated tests for datasets which find use in training/testing data models. This tool offers many benefits – one can validate data automatically and reduce turnaround time for generating insights.  

DataOps is an agile DevOps methodology which is helpful in design, implementation, and maintenance of data in a distributed architecture. With DataOps organizations can create autonomous data pipelines which not only fuel analytics but also ML applications. ISmile Technologies helps you to leverage DataOps so that your teams can collaborate conveniently while working with huge datasets. Get in touch for a free assessment.

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