Data & Analytics

Data is the lifeblood for businesses in this age. Still, this statement holds when you have the capabilities to refine vital data and use it for advanced analytics to generate real-time, in-depth insights for your business and employ data-driven decision making. We help you improve the maturity of your data and use it as the best competitive asset that your competitors can’t match. We help monetize data to the maximum by aligning all your data services to the clients’ specific needs.  

Our data and analytics services aces owing to  

  • Actionable and in-depth real-time data analysis 
  • Powerful data models tested and validated in varied environments 
  • Tailored data solutions for clients 
  • Complete decision support systems based on data 

Our Services

We offer a range of services for data mining, predictive analytics of data,
data processing to convert them into actionable insights and so on.

Database Managed Services

Our experienced teams of DBA work round the clock to mitigate event and incident management issues. We help manage the SLAs effectively, undertake complete database backup management along with disaster and recovery testing.

Database Migration

Our team manages it all, whether you need to move your data from one database to another, from on-premises to the cloud or between data centres. We enable the migration of various data types by applying schema conversion and best ETL practices.

Data Warehousing

Our data warehousing solutions include proposing and setting up the process architecture, database design, implementation and design of the ELT and ETL solution, performance optimization and more.

Business Intelligence

We are powering businesses by helping them realize the power of data with our Business Intelligence services. We use robust cognitive and AI processes to gain the best intelligence from structured, unstructured or siloed data.

Analytics & data visualization

ISmile offers powerful data visualization tools to drill down to the last details of any database and generate vital insights. Our analytics services help to analyse data critically and know about customers and employees.

Our Partners

Why ISmile Technologies for Data & Analytics?

Enhance your digital transformation journey with scalable BI platforms and through complete data lifecycle management and drive the best value of your siloed and hidden data.


Our data analytics services convert your raw data into actionable insights that can help make business decisions more accurate and rake in more revenue. 

We provide data warehouse configuration, integration and development, data cleaning and migration services, and complete database backup, recovery, and management.

We set up your big data pipelines, implement ingestion, storage (setting up data lakes) and processing solutions, undertake extensive data implementation, data modelling, data quality profiling, ETL jobs and others. 

You can measure the ROI on your company data by measuring them against the following metrics:  

  • Time to detection – Time it takes your team to find an issue with data quality  
  • Time to Resolution- The time it takes your team to fix that issue or incident

We offer AI-ML solutions for your businesses along with data mining, data visualization, statistical data presentation, advanced data analytics and more. 

We undertake the migration of databases to the cloud from scratch. We form the database cloud migration roadmap, strategize the migration journey, determine the migration phases, prioritize the components for migration, create on-premise and on cloud hybrid architecture so that data access should not disrupt during migration and there is minimum downtime. We undertake each and all activities involved in migration. 

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