Managed Services

Modernize your enterprise by leveraging the expertise of cloud professionals to manage your data and operations.


ISmile’s Virtual Desktop Managed Service solves the complexity of deploying and managing virtual desktops in the public cloud, delivered as a managed Virtual Desktop Infrastructure as a Service platform. We provide all the tools you need to build and deploy a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure or DaaS solution from the public cloud, private cloud, or physical workstations.  


Built with Robust Security, our DevSecOps Managed Service has been designed to enable your DevOps teams to redefine their operations, engineering, and security to work in cohesion to build a secure delivery workflow from the ground up, without comprising on time to market velocity.

Our professionals have extensive experience with most modern security implementation tools like Kubernetes, Docker, Jenkins, and Datadog.    


Our SRE services ensure high reliability, uptime, and availability. We incorporate the RED (Request rate, error rate, duration) and USE (Utilisation, Saturation, Error rate) methods in our SRE implementation to nullify the gap between service delivery and user experience.

The breadth of the experience and expertise of our SRE team ranges from coding to automation and from monitoring & testing to documentation.


Accelerating cloud adoption has been the primary target of technical strategists to transform the landscape and induce agility in businesses. But it is just one part of the story. With cloud adoption, many cloud-related tasks prop up, which, if not appropriately managed, may push the organization into a zone where the cost of implementing the cloud is more than the returns. 


Reimagine cloud security by building it into the foundation of your company, so it can meet your business’s evolving needs cost-effectively as a fully managed, consumption-based, as-a-service model, ensuring Business Continuity, Seamless Compliance & Advanced Security.

Our professionals can help your organization improve its cloud monitoring capabilities to swiftly detect and respond to the cyber or natural threats that target cloud infrastructure, services, and applications.   


Our scalable and multi-cloud solutions help businesses accelerate their journey to AI-powered automation and improve data quality and real-time data governance to enable the far-reaching business potential of machine learning and AI.

We ensure high availability and peak performance while reducing the operational costs of your data pipeline. Our carefully designed packages enable enterprises to Streamline Data Operations and enhance Effective Management. 

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