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4 competencies that help enterprises transition to higher cloud maturity level

All the organizations which are looking to or in the process of transitioning to higher cloud maturity level should be aware of the four levels of the cloud competency. And they are – being aware, being proficient, leverage, and collaboration. Being aware will ensure that you get the most out of the cloud. One of the trickiest part in the journey to the cloud is getting your entire team onboard. It won’t work if you buy tools & ask your team to start using them. However, the familiarity with these four competencies will help you in moving data to the cloud & recognize new opportunities & develop innovative solution that will help to increase your ROI.

1. Be aware of the right Cloud Tools and Services

To succeed in your journey to the cloud maturity model you must know where you are going. It will be wrong to assume that everyone in their respective area of expertise is aware about what cloud tools and services are available for them. While people in the technical groups, like IT and development, may be little familiar but the probability is less in areas that are less tied to technology, like HR & finance. 

 In any case, not being familiar with the right cloud tools and services and how they can help teams optimize their processes will hold team members back from adopting cloud wholeheartedly. Similarly, knowing the right cloud  migration tool is also important. And that may have a negative effect on the productivity & efficiency. Take this example, Analytics and AI are a big craze with a lot of organizations opting for them. A specific awareness that which cloud tools are relevant to your goals will make sure the entire team benefits from the higher cloud maturity level.  

2. Being Cloud Proficient 

ROI is one of the biggest reason why organizations choose to move to cloud. ROI is a performance measure to evaluate how efficiently you are working to serve your customers or towards other business goals, like cost cutting. Yet it’s only possible to realize high ROI in these areas only if your team knows how to use cloud services properly. This is an important cloud competency.  

One more thing, not using these services properly or not being proficient can result in security risks, such as inadvertently exposing unencrypted confidential data. So, it’s clear that you will start seeing actual business benefits in cloud only when your teams are proficient in using cloud tools and services.  

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3. Leveraging Cloud Tools and Services

As already mentioned in this blog, your team will only start seeing good ROI when they develop fluency in cloud tools. However, this fluency will only allow your team members to continue doing their jobs. If you want your teams to solve complex business problems they will have to show higher cloud competency level.  

In this way, they will be able to solve business problems by using cloud tools in creative ways, and move ahead in enterprise cloud maturity. Take this example, by developing a deeper understanding of the cloud tools & services, your team will be able to leverage cloud tools to offer better customer service, as they will have access to flexible resource allocation, faster access to information, and zero-downtime SLAs.  

4. Cloud Collaboration

Many times, different teams end up working in parallel – duplicating tasks, and wasting time, money, and energy in the process – this usually happens because of the lack of collaboration. Collaboration brings different aspects of your business like IT, development, operations etc. together to create synergy. 

 Instead of working on individual goals, these teams then work on shared strategic goals. This is sometimes described as ‘breaking down silos’ but can also be viewed as harnessing the best practices of every department. If you develop this competency, you are definitely prepared to move to the higher cloud maturity level.  

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