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3 Key Challenges & Solutions of Cloud IAM

For today’s cloud-centric environment, IAM is one of the most important tools. Today. IT architecture of businesses has become more distributed than ever, and users need to access a wide range of cloud services on demand. Establishing the identities of the users, and which service each user needs access to is important for cloud-native security. It acts as a basis for enforcing the policy of least privilege, which aims to minimize risk by giving each user the least access they require without limiting their job effectiveness or affecting their productivity. But, in the context of complex cloud environments, getting an IAM solution up & running comes with its own issues. In this post, we are going to discuss three main challenges in implementing cloud IAM & their solutions.

1. Onboarding with the correct level of Access

The first step might be more challenging than the others. Ensuring that your entire organization is onboarded with the right level of access is the earliest challenge that your organization may face. It’s quite obvious that large enterprises with huge employee bases may feel this challenge more severely than others. But now, with even small & mid-sized organizations fully entrenched with cloud complexity, ensuring the right level of access to the right employees may look like an overwhelming task for each employee.  

The stakes are high here – one misstep can lead to numerous problems, it can not only introduce risk but also slow down the employees, obstructing businesses to provide value to the customers. The key to success here is to get a tool that makes it easy to implement the policy of least privilege. In this regard, role-based access may help assign user right in an automated way based on the employee’s job function & department. 

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2. Integrating SaaS Services  

With cloud adoption growing every day, each company might be using hundreds of SaaS applications. That’s quite a big number of applications to integrate with your IAM platform. And given that each user has a separate, distinct sign-in when they log in to each application, the number of authentication grows exponentially. Not only the existing services, but the network administrators also have to ensure that when the teams bring in any new services, they can be also integrated with the IAM. To help alleviate the issue & reduce the complexity, it’s important to integrate your IAM with a single sign-on (SSO) tool, that allows users to access all SaaS apps with a single identity.   

3. Maintaining the Identities 

In cloud computing, organizations keep onboarding new services all the time, they also see employees changing roles, leaving the organization, and getting transferred. All these changes require some adjustments in team members’ access permissions. IAM can’t be a set-it-and-forget-it solution, there should be proper provisioning & deprovisioning, in the absence of which there could be major gaps in an organization’s risk profile. Automation can act as a reliable solution here, helping the admin teams circumvent issues related to out-of-date identities & improper access provisioning. 

Cloud architects need to reduce complexity & enhance flexibility wherever possible in the IAM. They must look for a unified solution that provides IAM along with other aspects of cloud security, and that will certainly help security teams save a lot of time & stress. ISmile Technologies with its deep experience in cloud adoption feels that if cloud adoption related security issues are not well handled, the cost of adoption could be well above the returns. Hence, it’s very important to partner with us & let us understand your cloud IAM requirements for successful cloud adoption. Get in touch to know more.

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