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How can Cloud Security Automation help businesses reduce the risk of Data Loss?

Numerous data loss, leakage, and breach incidents have occurred in organizations. A data breach is reported when an organization’s sensitive information is accessed by unauthorized parties or stolen by cybercriminals. Employees increasingly share information through email and cloud-based platforms as they do their day-to-day activities. Data sharing has become mandatory to complete business goals. One also requires data sharing to find new opportunities and gain a competitive advantage. The process of sharing data digitally leads to the risk of information leakage. Data loss can have enormous implications for businesses. It can impact productivity and can lead to customer loss. But cloud security automation can help businesses reduce the risk of data loss.

Organizations are turning to Cloud Services to prevent Data Loss

Organizations today are adopting flexibility, scalability, and resilience offered by cloud services to adapt to the changing business environments and stop data loss. Businesses are leveraging cloud security automation to thoroughly analyze security events and proactively prepare for challenges arising from misconfiguration. 

There are mechanisms like cross-region replication and object storage policies offered by today’s cloud infrastructure, like Oracle, AWS, Azure, GCP, etc., that can help prevent deletion and tampering of files simultaneously, enforcing retention. Though these simple mechanisms require minimal effort, they help save data and ultimately save a business. In addition, these cloud infrastructures help businesses address their data governance, regulatory compliance, and legal requirements. Retention rules offered by them are also helpful in protecting your data from accidental or malicious updating or deletion. 

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Automation helps in preventing Data Loss

Today’s cloud solutions can self-update, self-secure, and streamline configuration efforts, helping alleviate the challenges posed by the shortage of skilled cybersecurity professionals and addressing data loss concerns. Today’s cloud infrastructure, thanks to cloud security & DevOps automation, is setting a new bar for security by shifting the focus on automation that’s always-on and architected-in, thus helping to mitigate the risk of human error and unexpected downtime and quickening the innovation’s pace while using fewer resources.

Automated Patching  
Automated patching can help reduce human error & complexity. Autonomous databases can tune themselves using ML algorithms to secure, monitor, recover, and troubleshoot databases. Every system where Autonomous Linux is running is patched automatically to keep systems secure & compliant, thus helping reduce the risk arising from unpatched systems. The focus is on cloud compliance automation.  

Always on encryption of data at rest & in transit can help simplify compliance with data privacy regulations like GDPR, and can prevent users from privilege abuse to access sensitive data. The Vault service allows customers to create their own vaults, and generate & bring their own keys, which they can then assign to any other service that integrates with the vault.   

Data Safe  
Businesses can manage day-to-day security & compliance requirements with the ‘Data safe’ feature of the cloud security automation framework. It applies security to the data where it resides – in databases. Leveraging intelligence available from metadata associated with the database, it can assess security risks, mask sensitive data, monitor database activities, and audit the database for compliance. 

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