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How does IAM benefit Enterprise Cybersecurity?

Organizations of all sizes rely on Identity & Access Management (IAM) for privileged access management. By regulating access to data & system, IAM can eliminate the risks of information breaches & safeguard organization’s most important assets using IAM technologies. IAM is a collection of rules, policies, and tools, that is used for defining & managing access rights for different roles for a variety of cloud & on-premise applications. IAM is used to control access to different resources such as files, folders, databases, multiple systems, and so on. It’s also used for managing user accounts, groups, and permissions. In this post, we will consider different security benefits of identity & access management and will also discuss how it can help organizations stay safe in today’s digital world.

Key benefits of the IAM from security perspective are –

1. Improved security through Granular Access Control  

Granular access control helps organizations to better protect its data. In its simplest definition, granular access control defines who can access each part of a system. Accesses are granted based on the roles defined in the corporate directory. There are different levels of connections one can make to the server. Granular access control only assigns the necessary connection capability to each user class. When using granular access control it’s important to implement the principle of least access i.e. unless otherwise specified, a role will be assigned least amount of access  possible to a system. Granular access control can also limit from where the employees can access a server. For example, if none of your employees are based in Canada, you can block access to Canadian Ips from accessing your server. Granular access control can provides access during a specified working hours limiting access during the ‘odd’ hours. Thus resulting in extra safe systems.  

2. Better security through single sin on  

With IAM, users can use a single set of credentials to access all the applications they need. Since, a single login credential is easy to manage, this reduces the risk of lost or stolen password, and also makes it easier for users to comply with strong password policies. Number of Help desk calls related to password reset is a common headache in organizations, the policy of single sign on reduces the number of help desk calls related to password resets.

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3. Stronger security through 2FA 

IAM can significantly boost your security posture by adding an extra layer of protection known as two-factor authentication. In this types of authentication system, users must provide two pieces of information establish their identity. This usually involves something they know (like password) and something they have (like security token or user attributes). In presence of two-factor authentication it becomes even more difficult for attackers to gain control of the system & data, even if they stolen a user’s credential.  

4. Greater Compliance  

IAM helps you in meeting rigorous compliance requirements like GDPR. By providing fine-grained control over data & ensuring that only authorized users have access to it, IAM helps you to avoid hefty fines of non-compliance. There are several reputed vendors that provide IAM solutions, otherwise, several open-source solutions are available as well. 

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