Azure Cloud Security Assessment Workshop

Don’t assume that Azure security defaults are a perfect match for your business requirements- let our security professionals audit and secure your Azure environment, today! Is your Azure cloud environment secured? Have you enabled all the security features in your tenant? Do you know how to monitor security threats? If your answer to any of these questions is no, then this workshop will help your team detect potential threats and provide you latest insights on Advanced Threat Protection. 

In this 60-minute free workshop, you will get :

  1. An analysis of your existing Azure cloud infrastructure and how your security processes are conducted.  
  2. Detailed assessment report with recommendations to help you to decide your Azure cloud security readiness.  
  3. Azure Security Readiness Assessment for your business by understanding your business case for cloud movement and security maturity.  
  4. Recommendations for staying Azure Security Compliant. Standard and policy for improving threat protection for your cloud workload.  
  5. Get a free eBook – CIOs Guide for The Next Generation of Cloud Security. 
Azure Cloud Security Assessment

Download free CIOs Guide for The Next Generation of Cloud Security

Why ISmile Technologies for Cloud Security?

ISmile Technologies is a leading provider of automation-enabled intelligent cloud solutions and managed IT services. We are a trusted technology advisor & key implementation partner of many businesses like yours. Our cloud security managed services helps you maximize cloud confidence with secured cloud assets. We help you reimagine cloud security by building it into the foundation of your company, so it can fulfill your businesses’ evolving needs cost-effectively ensuring business continuity & compliance.  


ISmile technologies provides the Azure Cloud Security Assessment Workshop to help businesses identify potential security risks and vulnerabilities in their Azure cloud environment. The workshop uses a comprehensive approach to assess the security posture of the client's Azure environment, providing actionable recommendations for enhancing security and mitigating risks. 

The Azure Cloud Security Assessment Workshop is a collaborative process between ISmile technologies and the client. Our team of experts will work with the client to gather information about their Azure environment and analyze the data to identify potential security risks and vulnerabilities. We will then provide a detailed report outlining our findings and recommendations. 

The Azure Cloud Security Assessment Workshop can identify a range of security risks, including data breaches, unauthorized access, inadequate access controls, and more. Our team of experts will analyze the client's Azure environment from multiple angles, identifying potential vulnerabilities and providing recommendations for enhancing security. 

ISmile technologies takes the confidentiality and security of client data very seriously. We use industry-standard security measures to protect client data, including encryption, access controls, and secure communication protocols. Our team of experts is also trained to handle sensitive data in a confidential and secure manner. 

The Azure Cloud Security Assessment Workshop provides businesses with valuable insights into potential security risks and vulnerabilities in their Azure environment. This allows them to take proactive measures to enhance security and mitigate risks, ultimately improving the overall security posture of their organization. With the help of ISmile technologies, businesses can have peace of mind knowing their Azure environment is secure and protected.


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