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Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Managed Services for Enterprises

ISmile offers Google Cloud Managed Services for establishing a reliable and scalable solution for your enterprise, developing a strategy for quick migration to the Google Cloud, and ongoing optimization of the current Infrastructure.

What Are GCP Managed Services

GCP managed services entitle end-to-end management of your Google architecture. 

This includes migration of your existing IT landscape to a custom Google cloud solution, zero disruption transition, and modernization for your application, platform, software, networks, and data assets, and finally automated AIOps-driven Google management and monitoring. 

Benefits of GCP Managed Services

GCP Managed Services raise the productivity of your business. Some of the advantages that you will get by partnering with us are:

  • Cost Effective.
  • Intelligent Managed services powered by AIOps
  • High Availability with Single SLA up to managing the DRaaS. 
  • 24/7 performance monitoring and alerts. 

ISmile Gold Managed Service elements

ISmile offer many choices for your Google Managed Services deployment – customized to meet your needs and budget:

Cloud Monitoring & Reporting

  • Leverage 24*7 GCP cloud monitoring across integrated platforms, virtual IT Infra, networks, workloads, databases, and applications. 
  • Avail centralized visibility on GCP cloud architecture, infra logs, instances and monitoring tools, automated alert mechanisms, analytical reports, and business intelligence. 
  • Utilize GCP cloud-native tools, track the health and performance of cloud applications, and gain unique decision-making insights in real-time.  

Security & Operations

  • Unlock smart security management with AI-powered SOC and GCP managed security services to protect your networks, data, workflows with automated incident management. 
  • Obtain intelligent threat detection and predictive alerting, vulnerability assessment, DevOps-friendly security, incident response, security tools, industry compliance, integrated SIEM-SOAR solutions. 
  • Avail Privileged Access Management, Host Based Security Systems, Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing, and more to preserve your IT assets and data on cloud.  

Ready to experience the full power of cloud technology?

Our cloud experts will speed up cloud deployment, and make your business more efficient.  

Infrastructure Setup & Management

  • Streamline your GCP infrastructure set-up and asset management services while adopting a custom-designed, compliant-ready GCP Cloud infrastructure with automated maintenance facilities. 
  • Migrate, integrate, and modernize OS, networks, storage, databases, applications, systems, and leverage advanced cloud solutions. 
  • Guarantee industry-best uptime, zero disruptive mission-critical operations, seamless integration with existing platforms, intelligent risk management with 24/7 monitoring, and hyper scalable workload performance.  

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

  • Advance your business continuity planning, enterprise data backup and recovery on the GCP securely while governing RTO/RPO goals, storage, and capacity planning network configuration. 
  • Industry-compliant DRaaS on a GCP framework incorporating automated failover-failback, applications accountability, 24/7 monitoring, and end-to-end replication support with GCP and Industry-leading 3rd party tools.


  • Embrace cloud intelligence, an end-to-end GCP MSP expertise, AIOps-enabled GCP Cloud operations for database, compute, storage, network management, cutting-edge machine learning, Big Data and Analytics
  • Take advantage of robust service delivery models on ITIL, ITSM, and COBIT processes to automate monitoring 24/7, major functionalities for innovative workload management, integrate intelligent tools and applications while supporting IT teams to predict risks, find loopholes, and fix issues faster.  

Cloud Engineer

Gabriel Chutuape

A technology enthusiast passionate about automation, Gabriel Chutuape is a Cloud Engineer at ISmile Technologies. He’s part of the ISmile Technologies Cloud enablement team that help customers to design/solution/project engineering, integrating and implementing infrastructure technologies & services.


Mahaboob Khan

A Cloud Engineer at ISmile Technologies, he had extensive experience working on Microsoft Azure which involves activities like Implementation, Managing and troubleshooting the User related issues. With automation tools like Azure ARM Template, Terraform, and Azure DevOps, he helps our client to automate deployment of IaaS and PaaS services.

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