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Calculate your DataOps ROI

Monthly DataOps Subscription Rate ($)



The burden rate, expressed as percentage, that is applied to a base salary to cover employee benefits. Typically ranges between 20% and 35%.

Burden Rate (%)


DataOps automation yields the option of right-sizing the DevOps Engineering staff

Number of client DevOps Engineers that were rightsized

Average client DevOps Engineer base salary ($)


Provides the Client access to a diverse set of DataOps skills that would be overly expensive to hire in-house.

DataOps Principle Architect annual base salary ($)


Reduced recruiting expense. Provides the Client access to a diverse set of DataOps skills that would be overly expensive to hire in-house

The number of new DataOps SME's with unique skills

The expense avoided advertising, finding, and hiring specific DataOps expertise. ($)


Note: Pricing reflected is based off our low cost model, actual numbers may vary based of your unique requirements.



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  • AI-Enabled Data Analytics
  • Dataflow Orchestration
  • High Performance
  • Consistent Data Governance Policies
  • Communicate & Collaborate
  • Reduce Data Storage And Operational Cost

We ensure your organization's data operations capabilities are optimized and securely managed with our DataOps Managed Services. Our services are curated around your data and data warehouse needs.

We ensure that your data availability is escalated while the quality remains intact throughout the end-to-end enterprise data life cycle.

We handle petabytes of real-time data and help identify opportunities to eradicate manual intervention.

We ensure DataOps activities are consistently, securely, and expertly managed through our as-a-service format, keeping your data, quality, visibility & availability up to speed at a fraction of a cost.


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