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Top tips on Cloud Migration success

As organizations are migrating to the cloud, let’s learn the top ways to achieve cloud migration success from our cloud migration experts. We are living in a world, where businesses are increasingly reliant on cloud services, and according to research, nearly 70% of the businesses have moved at least part of their workload to the public cloud. However, if not carefully considered, your cloud- migration can be a failure failing to provide expected returns on the investment. Undoubtedly, the cloud is the way ahead, but certain factors must be considered to meet the post-migration expectations of enterprises. For that, you need to ensure that your cloud investment meets the aspiration & vision of the organization.

Plan for Availability

Critical applications demand high availability to ensure business continuity, and we need to plan for it. Toward this end, we may need to have the provision of on-premises disaster recovery systems as a fail-safe method. To ensure availability we will have to create redundancies and that demands resources on standby. Therefore, architects are advised to eliminate happy paths, and plan for sudden & complete unavailability of the cloud provider services. For this, we can take into account hybrid, multi-region & multi-provider deployments. We always need to keep in mind that overlooking this factor may lead to poor returns on investment.

Expand the Security Architecture

Legacy applications have the burden of specific identification & authorization algorithms. After migration, the applications will have to rely on a shared security model offered by cloud platform providers. The companies implementing the migration will have to deploy enterprise-grade, umbrella security architecture. In this regard, organizations also need to consider encryption & privacy requirements provided by modern cloud capabilities. To gain a sound understanding of the security needs one will have to streamline the incoherent approaches to a cloud-friendly architecture. Don’t ignore or delay the security assessment, as it may cause mayhem by the entanglements of the unaligned security setup.

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Forecast Realistic Bills

High, shocking operational bills is a common tripping point for the organizations that migrate to the cloud. The complex costing model may make cost forecasting even more difficult. Additionally, many companies need to maintain hybrid architecture – poorly designed cloud architecture may result in soaring operational charges. Also, the operations team need to acquire cloud skills in addition to product skill. Therefore, organizations must be able to understand & forecast realistic bills for business continuity.

Contain Complexity:

A range of service offerings lure architects to advance legacy apps to the latest offerings. In most cases, these advancements are beneficial, but in some cases, they could complicate operations. In this way, the interweaving of different technologies to support cloud computing may needlessly complicate sustainability. Hence, architects will do well by doing a decision analysis for new services introduced during migration. And the decisions must be aligned with the corporate’s mission to migrate to the cloud.

In a nutshell, the architects must ask the right questions to ensure a successful migration to the cloud. For this, the migration team must have the foresight & the ability to plan it right. ISmile Technologies, recognizing an organization’s needs takes into account attributes such as performance, security, data, billing, and sustainability, and aligns these to cloud capabilities to increase ROI. By leveraging ISmile Technologies’ cloud migration solution, you can reduce expenditure & enhance the productivity of your organization. Get in touch for a free cloud ROI assessment.

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