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Addressing different Cloud Migration scenarios for the Businesses

Cloud computing is changing the traditional methods of storing data, and accessing & running the application. Cloud migration is the process of shifting existing data & applications from data centers or one cloud to another cloud environment for better scaling & other benefits. Organizations are adopting cloud for better speed & agility as it gives them access to limitless computing resources. The efficiency & scalability of the applications is greatly enhanced by moving them to the cloud. Furthermore, the cyber incidents that can cause loss of business data is reduced by migrating to cloud. Today’s cloud platform from prominent vendors like Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Amazon web service and others provide flawless experience & impeccable performance. In this blog we will consider different cloud migration scenarios.

Cloud to Cloud Migration 

As organizations move to cloud storage, multi-cloud & hybrid-cloud environments will become more common. With increasingly complex cloud storage environments becoming commonplace, cloud-to-cloud migrations are likely the future of the many businesses. The most common challenges in the cloud-to-cloud migrations are disparate platforms and user adoption. As you consider migrating content to cloud-sharing services, you must understand that there are technical & business considerations that can affect the duration & quality of the migration. However, there are certain best practices that organizations of any size can consider for a successful cloud-to-cloud migration. They are –  setting the right expectations, doing assessment of the data, comprehending the business use, doing analysis of the environments, determining the approach of the migration, preparing the migration plan, and identifying & preparing for the risks.   

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Virtual to Cloud Migration 

Virtual to cloud migration refers to moving the virtual machines to the cloud environment without disconnecting or shutting down the customers’ application. Virtual to cloud migration involves moving all the application’s configuration, OS, data, and instances to the cloud without any loss of data or disruption in the process. The primary reason why organizations do virtual to cloud migration is because it provides an agile environment to the businesses processes with better security. Migrating an existing VM to the cloud requires copying every block of storage associated with the VM, updating the VM’s network config into the new environment,  and lots of bandwidth.  

Database to Cloud Migration 

The process of shifting on-premise resources like data, applications, and others to cloud computing platforms is known as database-to-cloud migration.  By migrating databases to the cloud computing platforms you ensure that applications run smoothly & efficiently in the cloud computing environment. ISmile Technologies supports database to cloud migration on the major multi-cloud platforms like MS Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Service and others. By doing so it ensures that your applications  have a smoother running & good performance  

Storage to Cloud Migration 

This is a method to move data from storage to cloud. By ensuring movement of data & application from storage to cloud, organizations ensure smooth & efficient performance of the customer application.  It involves moving the data in the storage on the cloud computing platform to deliver a smooth and efficient performance of the customer application. ISmile Technologies ensures that all the data, application, and configurations are migrated from the customer storage to cloud seamlessly without the disruption to the processes. One can schedule the storage to cloud migration or it can be performed immediately. With our help, you can overcome all the challenges in migrating data & applications from storage to cloud computing platforms. 

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