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On-Premise to Cloud Migration – Use Cases

Cloud migration moves data, applications, or other business elements to a cloud computing environment. A common model is transferring data and applications from an on-premises, on-premises data centre to the public cloud.  

However, a cloud migration can also involve moving data and applications from one cloud platform or vendor to another – a model known as cloud-to-cloud migration. The third type of migration is reverse cloud migration, cloud repatriation, or cloud exit, which involves moving data or applications back to an on-premises data centre.  

Here we will discuss different use cases of on-premise to cloud migration: 

1. Lift and Shift

Lift and Shift help you get out of the data centre and stop managing hardware. It is an opportunity to offload your bare metal environment. Benefit from scalability and performance while reducing your acquisition costs. 

Lift and Shift Use Case: 

  • The CIO of a logistics company did not have the time or money to break up legacy systems. 
  • The company wanted to move to the cloud and did not need to make significant changes to its applications, just minor adjustments for scalability. 
  • This allowed the company to scale its infrastructure to the max and only pay for its use. This allowed the company to focus its IT team and budget on business-critical applications. 

2. Shift to SaaS

Shift to SaaS is a great approach if you want to transfer support for non-defining applications to a SaaS provider. Non-defining applications are applications you need, but they do not drive your business and take up a lot of valuable resources. Free up your IT team to focus on innovation by using this model. 

Switch to the SaaS use case: 

  • A large manufacturing company was tired of tediously managing their email. 
  • They migrated to Office 365 and transferred all support and maintenance responsibilities to the service provider. 
  • In this case, the service provider – Shadow-Soft – became the middleman, allowing the team at IT to focus on customer-facing and operational applications. The migration was performed overnight to minimize the impact on the end customer and employees. 

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3. App modernization

App modernization, also known as application refactoring, is a migration model used when you need specific applications to benefit from the cloud’s speed, agility, and innovation. 

App Modernization Use Case: 

  • A utility software company was stuck in a legacy system. It took days to make minimal changes and months to make major changes for its customers. 
  • They identified applications that could benefit from the cloud, developed the difficult modules, and trained their staff to use and support them. 
  • The result was that the company changed its market and became a global provider. 

4. Re-platforming

Replatforming is for companies that want to take full advantage of the cloud across the enterprise and make IT a key business function. This is for businesses that want to benefit from the scalability, elasticity, resiliency, and high availability.  

Replatforming Use Case: 

  • A medical company needed to link its old legacy systems to its new mobile application. 
  • They migrated their legacy systems to a cloud-native platform to take full advantage of the cloud. 
  • The result was that customers could now book appointments faster and easier. 
  • They were also able to access much more information about the patient before the visit, resulting in better and more efficient use of the doctor’s help. 


Can the cloud benefit your business?

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