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Cloud migration trends for 2022

Cloud migration is the face of upcoming industries; it will shape the future of industries. It is the most trending way of storing the data and increasing its access. Its importance will be increasing with time. However, despite its easy to use environment, there will be a greater focus on connectivity and probability. IT leaders share their ideas about the cloud’s direction, updating in 2022. Due to the impact of “Great Resignation” on the possibility of a cloud vendor making its services available on another public cloud.  

Some of the trends of the upcoming future are:

1. Apps go to the edge: With the introduction of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, enterprises have evolved by adopting cloud-native technologies in public, private and hybrid cloud environments. In the upcoming year, enterprises will express growing interest in bringing cloud-native apps to the extreme, improving portability and agility. However, working on CNFC projects requires broad standardization of both software and hardware. Industry leaders in edge software and hardware will ramp up efforts to achieve greater standardization to support this transition to the edge.

2. Shortage of IT talent will create a push to the cloud adoption: We are in the era of “The great resignation” as we witness employees from different roles, professions, and different types of organizations worldwide leaving their jobs. In continuation of this trend, IT teams face a talent shortage pinch, losing admins qualified to manage platforms like Active Directory and Microsoft 365. Looking at this issue, IT teams will look to automated solutions and cloud platforms as they require less workforce to manage can do the work of many human beings. By this, we can expect a continuous rise in the adoption of hybrid and multi-cloud services in 2022.

3. In 2022, we will witness a historical event where the first public cloud vendor will make its service available on another public cloud: This will disintegrate the most valuable capabilities from the overall service- from analytics to database and AI/ML frameworks. It will result infavourof customers as it will accelerate the commoditization of cloud infrastructure and pressure economics.  

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4. Revisiting cloud investments and practices: The pandemic has pushed organizations to modernize and accelerate digital transformation efforts, increasing cloud computing investments. However, every organization has different ideas and needs, and many have realized that the cloud is not the only way to succeed. Due to the wastage of money on idle cloud resources and overspending, organizations in 2022 will calculate their cloud investment and need to revisit best practices for engaging with the cloud. One trend we can expect is organizations putting a team to manage cloud costs. Done by coordinating with an individual from IT/cloud teams, and in some cases, a dedicated team will form to focus on it.

5. On-premise storage will increase: As the data grows-both in size and importance- on-premise storage will expand, growing into essential infrastructure for a variety of reasons including, performance, security, cost and latency. On-premise storage will serve all these needs while the cold and warm storage moves to the cloud. This trend will run, and we will see progress inthe on-premise computing and storage segment. Parallel to this innovation on the edge-driven by the need for 5G base stations, autonomous vehicles, and its costs.

6. Integration of cloud and edge computing: It will be no longer edge or cloud, expecting to see a strong synergy between cloud and edge computing that will further boost accurate- time decision making and operational efficiency.

7. Hybrid is immortal: Hybrid solutions do not compromise between approaches; they focus on combining their strengths. A hybrid car is the integration of torque of an electric motor with the ability of the combustion engine to maintain high speed. As we move away from the pandemic, businesses will realize the advantages of hybrid cloud data and analysis models. 

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Cloud computing is a favourite topic among businesses in today’s era. There are many upcoming services and waves of changes introduced in 2022. Technologies like hybrid cloud and cloud adoption by businesses will boost the importance of the cloud. Be smart, move with trends and adopt the cloud to succeed in today’s competitive world. 

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