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Microsoft Azure Cloud Cost Optimisation

There are numerous advantage to moving to the cloud. Not only do large enterprises with large IT budgets have access to enterprise-grade infrastructure and services. However, consumers of cloud infrastructure and service providers like AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure will need to learn how to reduce cloud expenditures at some time. Thinking big leads to planning, bringing unique insights, and potentially significant wins, and not every small business stays small. 

What is Cloud Cost Optimization ? 

Finding ways to run applications on the cloud, execute work or deliver value to the business at the lowest possible cost, and employing cloud providers as cost-effectively as possible is known as cloud cost optimization. The term “optimization” refers to various activities ranging from simple company management to advanced scientific and engineering disciplines such as operations research and decision science. 

There are four strategies to reduce expenditures:

Every business that wants to achieve a specific goal, whether it’s profit or not, must reduce its overhead or the cost of the goods and services it provides. Changes, entropy, and a lack of cost awareness will generate cost optimization for a new business starting in the cloud with the pay-as-you-go cost model in mind. 

1. Turn off any resources that aren’t in use.
Azure Advisor can help you find idle virtual machines (VMs), ExpressRoute circuits, and other resources. Find out which resources you should turn off and how much money you could save.

2. Reduce the size of underutilized resources
With Azure Advisor, you may discover unused sources and gain thoughts on saving cash via way of means of remodeling or consolidating them.

3. Reserve instances for consistent workload
When you prepay for a one- or three-year term with reservation pricing, you can save up to 72 per cent on Azure services compared to pay-as-you-go pricing.

4. Benefit from the Azure Hybrid Benefit.
AWS is five instances extra pricey than Azure for Windows and SQL Server. Save cash whilst you shift your on-premises workloads to Azure.

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Optimize your workloads leading cost Opmization: 

1. For cost savings, follow your Azure Advisor’s best practice recommendations. 
2. Using the Microsoft Azure Well-Architected Review assessment and the Microsoft Azure Well-Architected Framework layout documents, have a look at your workload structure for price optimization. 
3. Azure offerings and licence terms, including Azure Hybrid Benefit, paying in advance for predictable workloads with reservations, Azure Spot Virtual Machines, and Azure dev/test pricing, can help you save money. 

Control your Expenses 

1. Reduce cloud spending dangers with the aid of using making use of the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure to create price control governance exceptional practices at your firm. 
2. With Azure Policy, you can put cost controls and guardrails in place for your environment.


One may obtain a sense of the landscape and prioritize activities by looking at the cloud and associated spending for an enterprise. Delete any resources that are no longer in use or have been forgotten. Perform rightsizing reviews to see if you’re paying for the right amount of capacity. Examine the choices between cost, performance, dependability, redundancy, and spare capacity, paying particular attention to essential services such as computers and storage. Consult cloud vendors for recommendations, capacity reservations, and bulk discounts. Using the cloud-native mindset should be factors cost-efficiency into the design and engineering of cloud applications. Bring together and use the viewpoints and strengths of management, finance, analytics, and engineering to achieve a single aim of cost-cutting. 

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