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Azure Cloud application modernization

Cloud application modernization is the series of processes for updating an older software version into newer versions, including newer frameworks, languages, and infrastructure platforms. This process sometimes is also known as legacy modernization. It is the process of upgrading the services and software’s to get the best outcomes according to the changing environment of cloud space.  

As businesses focus on a cloud-centric approach to doing business, it is transforming them into agile and operationally efficient. Application modernization is becoming a stepping stone to realize these goals. The advantages of application modernization on organizations are marvellous. With Azure, you get the leverage of selecting a variety of hosting options for your application spanning the spectrum of the infrastructure-as-a-service(IaaS), etc. Azure application service and AKS(Azure Kubernetes Services) is helping businesses to focus more on realistic problems rather than wondering about unnecessary problems.  

Need for modernizing legacy applications?  

Application modernization contributes in an organization to protect its investments and refresh its software portfolio to the maximum advantage of infrastructure tools, languages and other technical aspects. Application modernization strategy can reduce the resource requirements for running the application, improve deployment frequency and reliability, and improve uptime. Enterprises overall digital transformation is fueled by application modernization.  

The pattern of application modernization

Here are some common patterns for modernizing applications:  

  • Lift and shift: It is also called rehosting; the term “life and shift” is becoming jargon for picking an existing application and moving it from the legacy environment to a newer infrastructure, like a public cloud platform. In this pattern, you can move the application without changing its foundational code or architecture.  
  • Refactoring: Refactoring is a synonym for rewriting or restructuring. This approach of application modernizing involves modifying the underlying code to better run in a new environment; it is usually a cloud infrastructure. This approach often requires rewriting the code and significant reconstruction of the existing code.  
  • Replatforming: A pattern exists between “lift and shift” and “refactoring”. This pattern does not require a significant change in the underlying code but involves complimentary updates, enabling the legacy app to take advantage of the modern cloud platform.  

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Critical technologies for application modernization

There are several technologies related to application modernization: 

  1. Cloud computing: The general idea of application modernization is migrating traditional applications to run in the modern cloud environments.  
  2. Containers: The cloud-centric method for packaging, workloads, deploying and operating applications.  
  3. Microservices: Instead of constructing and operating an application as a single entity, you decouple different components into smaller, discrete pieces that can quickly deploy.  
  4. Orchestration and Automation: Orchestration in software development is a term that refers to the automation of repetitive tasks associated with containers, including deployment, networking and scaling.  

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Azure cloud application modernization is brushing up the older version of applications according to the market and customers’ requirements. By following the primary and straightforward steps, you can quickly get advantages from this modernization to make cloud computing efficiently work for you. It does not only involve replacing the older applications rather than it includes polishing and sharpening the services to get the maximum output. Azure is the leading cloud application provider globally; iSmile technologies are associated with Azure to help the customers and organization through its applications. If you want to brighten up the future of your business, be a part of our family. 

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