Top DevSecOps Trends to watch in 2022

Every area of business is being changed by technology, and digitalization and automation have exploded in the last several years. DevOps has established itself as an essential software development process for a successful digital transformation.  A recent industry study predicts that the DevOps market will reach $20 billion in revenue by 2026, expanding at a […]

Why is DataOps essential to drive business value?

Many businesses are struggling because they are still unsure how to apply their enterprise-scale data platforms. Their performance in accomplishing strategic goals is limited by their failure to make their business data-driven.  To increase the value of data in a dynamic environment, the practice of data operations, or data operations, is used to automate data […]

4 Ways DevSecOps Managed Service Providers Can Transform Your Business

It is crucial that organizations implement techniques like flexible cloud computing platforms, shared storage and data, dynamic apps, and more if they want to flourish and remain competitive in a highly digitalized world. However, regardless of the plan, data security services are still crucial for allowing activities motivated by digital transformation.  86.2% of the firms […]

Top 5 DataOps Trends that are Redefining Global Industries

Over the last decade since its introduction, DevOps has grown to become an integral part of many companies.  Enterprises are searching for ways to effectively and efficiently use that data to generate value for the business while accumulating at increasing rates and volumes. DataOps, an automated, process-oriented methodology used by analytic and data teams to […]


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