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4 Ways DevSecOps Managed Service Providers Can Transform Your Business

It is crucial that organizations implement techniques like flexible cloud computing platforms, shared storage and data, dynamic apps, and more if they want to flourish and remain competitive in a highly digitalized world. However, regardless of the plan, data security services are still crucial for allowing activities motivated by digital transformation. 

86.2% of the firms surveyed were impacted by at least one successful hack in 2020, according to CyberEdge Group (2021). Therefore, in addition to operations, organizations must change how they approach cybersecurity threats. Your data protection service provider will inform you that it is no longer possible to address new dangers using conventional security procedures. 

While the speed, scalability, and functionality of DevOps approaches have been acknowledged, security is a sticking point that must be managed separately from this process. DevSecOps, which integrates security throughout the delivery lifecycle rather than considering it as a distinct and potentially optional concern, is the obvious extension to address this problem: 

Cost-effective Computer Delivery 

Security problems, like any other sort of software system error, are far less expensive to remedy when discovered early rather than after the product has been built. Taking care of application flaws upfront saves much time compared to fixing them after implementation, which forces a security fix. 

Additionally, when new components are being considered for purchase, it might be beneficial to have a security expert involved in the decision-making process to ensure that the suggested components can satisfy the project’s long-term security demands and advantages. Any effort a team makes to move security earlier in the project lifecycle will result in lower expenses for the company. 

Eliminate Human-error Security Risks and Meet Compliance Standards 

DevSecOps relies heavily on automation to minimize manual administration. Organizations can eliminate human-error risks and operational overheads by implementing automation tools at the start of the life cycle.

Also, DevSecOps can leverage automation paradigms for various compliance checks. Therefore, organizations can design an environment of continuous compliance, which includes automated processes and workflows to turn compliance into a requirement rather than an afterthought in the minds of developers. With DevSecOps, organizations can achieve and maintain compliance via the following practices: Continuous compliance feedback, Preventative monitoring and feedback loops and Continuous Audits.

Enhanced General Quality 

DevSecOps introduces evaluation tools like Static Application Security Testing (SAST) and Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) early in the development cycle. While DAST can test running web apps for known runtime vulnerabilities, SAST helps to scan the applications for potential vulnerabilities at code commit before code is merged. Shifting left on these technologies in the pipeline can boost system health and software quality as vulnerabilities are timely and adequately handled in the cycle. 

Reduce lead times, minimize downtime, and accelerate go-live 

DevSecOps is well known for effectively tackling security flaws promptly since the problems are swiftly isolated and traced to their root causes. DevSecOps features to speed up go-lives include consumable, self-service security capabilities, integrated security guardrails, facilitation for monitoring, and provision of targeted feedback. Because it can identify cyber threats early in the development cycle, lead times before go-lives are substantially shortened, enabling firms to reach their audiences before rivals. 


Navigating through the complexity of when and how to use all of these services in combination with each other is vitally important. The advantages of outsourcing your DevOps services are enormous since the correct MSP can support your growth in a cutthroat business environment and improve customer relations. ISmile Technologies can be the ideal corporate partner because we offer DevSecOps managed services at a high-quality yet affordable price. We comprehend your company’s requirements, develop and apply a DevOps model by them, and assist your firm in reaching new heights. 

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