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How to Choose the Right VDI Deployment Model for Your Organization?

What is VDI? 

The pandemic has accelerated the adoption of recent- age bracket cloud technologies. To meet today’s workforce demands, businesses need to facilitate remote gain access to their workforce. Solutions many of these as the virtual desktop environments (VDI) that improve user productivity and reduce the total cost in ownership. With ISmile Technologies VDI solutions, you can quickly develop a user-friendly virtual desktop environment. With your VDI competency, ISmile Technologies will help you create a secure virtual workplace that may be accessed worldwide.

VDI deployment best practices

  • Understanding end-user requirements  
  • Manage your Network Load  
  • Consider Deployment Options  
  • Designing and Sizing VDI network and Storage correctly  
  • Thin client management  
  • Ensuring High Availability  

Short Notes about some of the Best Practices

Understanding end-user requirements   

Firstly, you should appreciate what end clients need before deploying a VDI solution. Each business has unique wants which should be considered before deploying a VDI. For a case in point, a graphic designer must use heavy editing applications with high-performance computing machines. Configurational requirements are required for such processes. Thus, you can release a VDI solution to focus on their needs.  

Manage your Network Load  

Each one of these systems is founded on it is computational helpful Storage, memory, and gratification in traditional desktop situations. VDI is based on some centralized database network for implementing Virtual Machines (VMs) or electronic desktops. It depends upon corporate protocols like Regulatory Data Safeguard (RDP), PC over IP (PCoIP), etc., for monitoring and managing the info flow between the surface finish- user and the info center. Your VDI deployment must have well-regulated network load management to handle every I/O task successfully. Any distance can directly impact your end-user experience and undermine your VDI success.  

Consider Deployment Options  

Concerning the technology used, the achievements of a VDI solution are decided. For deploying and running a VDI setup, you can use Citrix, VMware, and so forth. They can or may well not meet your enterprise. Analyse your organizational needs before choosing a deployment option. On a preliminary basis, you can either demo it or deploy it. This way, you can see the impact of your actions.  

Designing and Sizing VDI network and Storage correctly  

Things to note when designing and sizing the VDI and Storage correctly. They are,

  • VDI Workload  
  • Server Workload  
  • IO Peaks  
  • Boot storms, login storms, and steady-state  

Thin Client Management  

Consider these factors to find the best thin clients for your management. They are,  

  • Central management  
  • Ease of deployment  
  • Display protocol support  
  • Don’t forget about zero clients 

Ensuring High Availability  

These are the checklist for the High Availability of the VDI. They are,

  • Define Availability Requirements  
  • Plan your High Availability Architecture  
  • Perform End-to-End Testing  
  • Deploy Applications Consistently  
  • Monitor Application Health

ISmile Technologies’ VDI Managed Services transform & empower your workforce with its secure & efficient VDI solutions. It solves the complexity of deploying & managing virtual desktops in the public cloud, delivered as managed ‘VDI as a service’ platform. Schedule a free assessment today.


Vignesh R

Vignesh is a cloud engineer with a demonstrated history of working in multiple cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, and GCP. His expertise proves in providing and implementing solutions for the organization.

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