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Choosing the right VDI for your Hybrid Employee Workspaces

Today, more & more organizations are moving towards the path of the hybrid work, and they are doing so as a strategic aspect of their business models. In this initiative, virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) and desktop as a service (DaaS) are providing an option through which organizations can avail  streamlined operations, better-than-before security, reduced cost envelop, and scalability. 

Today is an era of the hybrid workspace, and the VDI market fuelled by it is growing at an annual rate of nearly 20%, and expected to reach nearly USD 35 billion by 2028. And riding on the same bandwagon, DaaS market is growing at the rate of nearly 17% YoY, and is expected to reach nearly USD 7 billion by 2027.  

With the help of VDI and DaaS, companies & their IT teams have managed to get greater control and more structured manageability over the end-users’ environments. If you have the right solution, you can easily do the onboarding and scaling, and it can be much faster and simpler. Also, you will be able to centrally manage security, data protection, and regulatory compliances.

When users work in a hybrid work environment, they have a different set of expectations. There, they are increasingly focused on their own experience. Plus, they also expect high flexibility, high performance, better resiliency, improved collaboration, and higher productivity irrespective of where they are working. Along with this, the IT teams in a hybrid environment, demand simplified manageability and scale. They also want greater control over security and regulatory compliances. And they look for higher return on investment. Along with these characteristics, there are more set of expectations like best-in-class experience, better collaboration tools, flexibility and performance – and these are the vital criteria for any VDI and DaaS solution to succeed in the hybrid work era.  

However, when it comes to satisfying these criteria, all VDI and DaaS solutions are not up to the mark. Independent research has shown that if you think that all solutions will be up to the task then you will be disappointed. So, how will you find out which solution will be the one which can fulfill users expectations and provide them the characteristics that thy are looking for? These are some of the criteria – 

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Remote User Experience:

A recent research in this direction has shown that measuring the end-user experience is as important as raw performance. It also showed that monitoring the end-user experience also provides a path to resolving common remote user complaints such as slow logon, excessive application load, response time, and bad graphics performance.

Remote User Productivity:

Apart from the user experience, this is another important criteria. The research shows that remote user productivity is very important in today’s economic uncertainty and is also helpful in the organizations’ need to reduce all possible costs.

Collaboration Tools:

Apart from the productivity, it is important that VDI and DaaS solutions that you choose provide workers with the right collaboration tools they need to discharge their duties while working with their colleagues and partners at all times, from any location.

Remote Knowledge Workers’ Performance :

In modern era, it’s very important for the organizations to engage their remote knowledge workers well, and keep them enthused at a time when user experience and work-life balance are becoming table stakes in hiring & retaining talents with highly specialized skills.

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