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Cloud Centre of Excellence (CCOE): Roles and Responsibilities

CCOE Roles and Responsibilities

CCOE Leader


Responsible for leading all the CCOE work and management of CCOE functions .

Skill sets and Experience required

  • Experience in deployment and operating on cloud   
  • Experience with setting up pricing models and designing cloud services  
  • Experience in cross-team functioning and collaborating with stakeholders  
  • Experience in change management  
  • Experience in aligning business goals with the cloud initiative  
  • Experience in managing the cloud database architecture, security architecture, IP networking, Agile methodology of development, complete asset management on cloud, and should be well versed in languages like Python, Perl, PHP, Java.  
  • Experience of the technical architecture of Azure, AWS, or Google Cloud  


  • Undertake planning and performance management for CCOE’s strategic plan for cloud  
  • Collaborate with stakeholders, employees, and help in establishing the CCOE brand  
  • Regular monitoring of all the CCOE activity  
  • Undertake assessment and audit of the data needs of the organization along with developing solutions   

Security Architect

Skill set and Experience required

  • Experience in incident management and response, including identification of incidents, root cause analysis, containment, incident response, etc.  
  • Expertise in security aspects of data storage, applications, network, cloud infrastructure, etc.  
  • Experience in conducting penetration tests  
  • Experience in creating case-specific security protocols,   
  • Expertise in cloud access and security controls and tools  
  • Expertise in automation scripting and provisioning  
  • Experience in designing security architectures fully compliant with HIPAA, PCI-DSS, SOC-2, and other regulatory requirements.


  • Assess the cloud provider security posture  
  • Document and create standards for maintaining security on cloud  
  • Coordinate with teams to negate cloud vulnerabilities  


  • Deployment, Pre-migration and post-migration security testing, configurations set up, security integrations, administration, etc.  
  • Ensure security of the data center, network, databases, storage, and others  
  • Ensure security of data at rest and in-transit 

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Cloud Engineer

Skill set and Experience required

  • Maintaining the operating and usage costs  
  • Expertise in CI/CD  
  • Expertise with configurations set up, testing, designing the cloud architecture, etc  
  • Expertise in migrating applications and workloads to the cloud  
  • Expertise in security response, maintaining availability and latency at the desired level, etc  
  • Creating the business continuity and disaster recovery plan.  


  • Respond to incident alerts  
  • Test configurations and setups for optimal performance  
  • Prioritize components for cloud migration and migrate large complex, multi-tier applications to the cloud  
  • Monitor post-migration performance and fine-tune if necessary 


  • Conduct vulnerability assessment on cloud  
  • Upgrade hardware and software for desired performance on cloud  
  • System integration, troubleshooting. Network administration etc.  
  • Collaborate with company stakeholders for optimizing cloud performance  

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Cloud centre of excellence (CCOE) is one of the central-most essential works these CCOE leaders perform. Here, we have learned all about the roles and responsibilities that CCOE leaders, security, and cloud engineers perform to give us the best cloud service. These three roles are interlinked and interdependent. The balance of their responsibilities keeps it going and makes it an efficient way of cloud providence.  

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