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Amazon CloudWatch VS Google Stackdriver VS Microsoft Azure Monitor

Amazon CloudWatch VS Google Stackdriver VS Microsoft Azure Monitor

For organizations looking to scale their cloud presence with Microsoft Azure, Google Stackdriver, or Amazon Web Services (AWS), gaining visibility into cloud, on-premises resources, monitoring performance, and operational health is critical. Here we are comparing Amazon CloudWatch, Google Stackdriver, and Microsoft Azure Monitor to give you better clarity: 

What is Azure Monitor?

Azure Monitor is the native monitoring solution designed for Microsoft Azure to help users maximize the performance along with the availability of their applications and cloud services across the Azure ecosystem.  

To this end, Azure Monitor provides users with complete monitoring of their cloud and on-premises environments by collecting and analyzing data from multiple sources before storing the information to later optimize for cost and performance. 

Azure Monitor: Metrics vs. Logs

Azure Monitor Metrics: Azure Monitor Metrics is an ultimate feature of Azure Monitor, which collects numeric data from monitored resources in a time series database. Metrics are numerical values collected at regular intervals that describe an aspect of a system at a particular point in time. Metrics are always lightweight and capable of supporting near real-time scenarios, making them useful for alerts and rapid detection of problems. 

Azure Monitor Logs: Azure Monitor Logs is a feature of Azure Monitor, which collects and organizes log and performance data from monitored resources. Log data collected from various sources can be consolidated into a single workspace to be analyzed together. 

What is Amazon CloudWatch?

Amazon CloudWatch is the native monitoring service for AWS that provides users with a unified view of their AWS resources, applications, and services running on AWS and on-premises servers. CloudWatch provides users with the observability and insights they need across their AWS ecosystem to improve operational performance and resource optimization. 

Amazon CloudWatch: Prioritizing Automation

Amazon CloudWatch prioritizes reducing the average time to resolution for users who want to optimize cloud resource usage through rapid discovery, notification, and remediation. This is especially helpful for organizations that operate at a scale with large cloud footprints. 

After setting alerts with CloudWatch Alarms, users can automatically respond to operational changes with CloudWatch Events and Auto Scaling. Auto Scaling helps automate capacity and resource planning. Users can set an alert for a key metric such as CPU to trigger an automated Auto Scaling action on their behalf.  

What is Google Stackdriver?

Stackdriver is a monitoring service provided by Google to monitor performance data and the availability of applications and virtual machines (VMs) running on GCP and AWS Public Cloud. It performs monitoring, logging, and diagnostics to help users optimize application/service performance and availability. The service retrieves performance metrics and metadata from multiple cloud accounts. It allows users to view this data’s virtual and graphical representation through the custom dashboard, charts, and reports. 

Key Features of Google Stackdriver

  1. Stackdriver Monitoring 
  2. StackdriverLogging and Error Reporting 
  3. StackdriverDebugger 
  4. StackdriverTrace 
  5. StackdriverProfiler 
Amazon CloudWatch VS Google Stackdriver VS Microsoft Azure Monitor V2


Now you know everything about all these services, and we believe you will have a better clarity like which platform is beneficial for your organization. If you are confused or are looking for a partner to help you out in any of these three platforms, visit iSmile Technologies. 

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