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An Ultimate Guide – Google Workspace for Education & Non-profits

An Ultimate Guide - Google Workspace for Education & Non-profits

Want to improve your non-profit’s marketing but do not have the budget for new tools and programs? Google for Non-profits can help.  

Under the Google program, your non-profit can request free use of several Google products and other Google tools that would typically require payment. When used correctly, Google for Non-profits is a great (and most importantly, free) way to organize your communications and expand your reach.  

Google Workspace (also known as G-Suite) is a long-term, reliable, powerful, and cost-effective solution for non-profits. Google For Non-profits offers Google Workspace to verified non-profit organizations for free!  

With Google Workspace, any non-profit has instant access to:  

  • Flexible collaboration tools and software solutions for individuals & teams.  
  • Professional email options with your domain name for teams and individuals  
  • Full-featured security tools and options for easy remote management  
  • Many other useful features you can use for your non-profit organization.  

To save you the time of searching Google, we have delved into the ins and outs of Google Workspace to show you which tools are most important for non-profits.  

Why is Google Workspace an Excellent Option for Non-profits?  

Today, more than 5 million organizations use Google Workspace. One might think that this number is due to Google’s reliability, but it’s also due to its products’ affordability, flexibility, and convenience.  

In Google’s own words, Google Workspace is a “collection of cloud computing, productivity and collaboration tools, software and products built by Google.” Non-profits use Google Workspace to control their workflows, education programs, and processes, regardless of industry or background.  

For non-profits, this kind of flexibility is a must. Let us take a look at what FREE Google Workspace tools non-profits can access and use right now.  

1. Free Email App | Gmail  

Gmail is a flexible, ad-free email solution. With Workspaces, people in your organization no longer have to worry about using non-professional email addresses. You can add an email address for each user in your organization that uses your domain name, like  

Anyone can create smart replies and schedule messages to be sent at a later time. The software also checks emails for grammatical errors. This helps senders maintain a consistent professional appearance. The software also helps block and filter spam messages. In addition to its flexible integrations with the rest of Google Workspace, Gmail proves to be an affordable and personable solution for non-profit organizations.  

2. Productivity Apps | Google Docs, Sheets, Slides  

Tools like Google Docs (cloud-based documentation), Google Sheets (cloud-based spreadsheets), and Google Slides (cloud-based presentations) promote collaboration across an organization. Google Workspace makes it easier to stay on top of team communications and other tasks.  

These apps make it easy to see how others are interacting with a project. In all 3 Google products, users can see the changes others are making in real-time. They can also comment, highlight and hyperlink text, and assign tasks to people involved in each type of document.  

You can also replace paid software with inexpensive Google Workspace. For example, replace Microsoft Excel with Google Sheets, Word with Google Docs, Keynote and PowerPoint with Google Slides, etc.  

3. Apps for collaboration  

Collaboration and creativity are essential for non-profits. Google Workspace offers a wealth of tools to meet both individual and business needs. We will highlight a few of these collaboration-focused apps.  

4. Google Keep  

First, there’s Google Keep, a tool that’s rarely talked about. It makes it easy to create notes and share notes across teams. Users can share audio attachments and images and create simple to-do lists that integrate with Google Calendar. It will help any non-profit keep track of specific tasks, challenges, and projects.  

5. Google Meet  

Second, let us address the magic of Google Meet. It’s a perfect free alternative to paid video conferencing software. Instead of messing around with Zoom, you can use Meet to organize a clear and concise conference call.  

You can also easily schedule conference calls and in-person video calls. From Gmail, invite someone to your Google Meet conference, set the date, and watch notifications go out to the rest of the team.  

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6. Google Drive  

Google Drive is a collection of folders that allow anyone to organize, share, and assign content to their liking. This is an excellent replacement for tools like Dropbox, Box, and other paid solutions.  

Think of Google Drive as the ultimate cloud storage and the other apps from Google Workspace as smaller clouds that easily integrate with the leading cloud. Google Drive is also flexible enough to integrate with other platforms (like Dropbox) to enhance file storage options.  

7. Apps for security and management  

It would help if you did not run a non-profit without the effective use of security tools. Google Workspace offers Admin, Endpoint, Vault, and Insights to equip an organization with professional security and management apps – while giving the user complete control.  

8. Google Admin  

According to the website Google Admin, you can “add users, manage devices, and configure security settings to keep your data safe.” Instead of managing individual accounts individually, the admin tool creates management rules for all accounts to ensure seamless project organization and security.  

9. Google Endpoint  

Google Endpoint is another management tool that manages data and security across mobile and web devices.  

For example, Endpoint offers the ability to manage these endpoints across Android, iOS, Windows, Chrome OS, macOS, and Linux. This makes it easy for non-profits to manage security on the go and in one place.  

10. Google Vault  

Google Vault is a storage tool that keeps your data. It allows non-profits to search, export, and manage data at Google Vault and share that data at will. It is also possible to set retention rules in Google Workspace that extend to all applications. This improves security.  

With the Vault, non-profits can operate a secure digital workspace from anywhere. The Vault makes it easier for non-profits to manage events and internal processes.  

11. Google Work Insights  

Finally, Google Work Insights is a deep dive into how your organization operates in real-time. It’s a tool that shows you how your non-profit’s applications are working, including changes and adjustments.  

With Insights, for example, you can get an instant overview of how your non-profit’s apps are performing. You can also collect and share analytics with your staff and analyse progress and data changes relevant to your organization.  

Final Words  

Google Workspace embodies our vision for a future where more flexible work, time is more precious, and creating stronger human connections is increasingly essential. It’s a vision we have been working towards for more than a decade, and we look forward to making it a reality together with your Non-profit organization.  

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