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Top 5 Surprising Facts About MuleSoft (2021)

MuleSoft is one of the most prominent software used by bazillions of corporations across the world including companies like eBay, Capgemini, Deloitte and Coca-Cola. It has a unified development environment named as AnyPoint Platform that can streamline all the on-premises and cloud-based technologies of an organization. It enables the user to make a smart and swift decision as it offers a holistic view of business information. Here are five surprising facts about MuleSoft, you may not know: 

1. Helps in building successful enterprise:  

MuleSoft ESB is a lightweight platform that allows data to flow between various applications irrespective of their diverse architecture and capabilities. It offers universal connectivity between cloud and on-premises services in real-time which allows enterprises to successfully orchestrate events anywhere and at any time. MuleSoft AnyPoint studio allows developers to speed up the integration process by offering an accessible ESB language. ESB escalates organizational agility by implementing a pluggable system that balances well. 

2. It is now certified by ServiceNow: 

MuleSoft allows organizations to connect their system with ServiceNow. It makes their Enterprise Service Management (ESM) compatible with Service Now, which helps in integrating business process across all departments, technologies, top applications effectively. Regardless of firewall protection or their cloud residence, MuleSoft connects any Service Now ESM to the AnyPoint platform. 

3. It makes data integration swift: 

MuleSoft’s data integration language called DataWeave quickly and efficiently integrates all the data of an organization. It offers five times faster performance compared to other methodologies. As the name suggests DataWeave’s framework weaves the data by querying, simplifying and transforming it. For example, the user wants to integrate multiple applications created in different formats and structure. DataWeave fetches data from each application and unifies it in an accessible format.  

4. It is open for future upgrades: 

MuleSoft is the most flexible and advantageous platform that happily embraces change. It has a versatile plug and plays architecture which allows user to switch APIs without affecting other services connected with it. Switching platforms often result in loss of data or something worse than that but not when MuleSoft works for you. MuleSoft open paths for companies to adapt to upgraded technologies easily. 

5. It is the most successful software in the world: 

It may not be notable like Microsoft, but it has been part of fortune 500 companies of the world. Enterprise technology is used extensively by multinational companies today and only a few of the technologies could be connected. However, MuleSoft connects all these technologies and gives an advantage to such companies by providing them with their data on a single platter. It also offers various analytical, monitoring and visualizing tools that help in decision making. 

MuleSoft has so far empowered over 1200 organizations in nearly 60 countries across the world. It has eliminated the prolonged issues like maintenance of database in real-time with minimum error and consistently maintaining multiple channels. It has given them the power to connect the world’s best devices and applications and streamline their business information most efficiently. 

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