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Top 6 DevOps Trends that your organization should focus on in 2022

The DevOps ecosystem is constantly evolving as businesses depend more on cloud technologies, agile frameworks, collaboration tools, and automation of business processes to improve operational efficiency. A new report by Grand View Research, Inc. projects that by 2025, the global DevOps market would be worth USD 12.85 billion. 

DevOps-enabled organisations have observed how the methodology enables them to develop and deploy software more quickly, collaboratively, and effectively. The way IT specialists, software developers, and testers collaborate has undergone a fundamental shift. They can now work in a way they could only have imagined using traditional software development techniques before learning about the DevOps methodology. 

DevOps is currently a fully developed concept widely accepted in contemporary software development. Journeys into digital transformation are no longer complete without this cutting-edge development methodology. 

We’ve compiled the main trends and forecasts expected to influence the direction of DevOps in this blog. Let’s look at it: 

Microservices Architecture 

The microservices design divides monolithic programmes into smaller, more autonomous parts or services. DevOps teams now have better scalability and agility throughout the software development lifecycle. Instead of scaling a complete programme at once, the DevOps teams can grow each segment of an application by the needs of the company. 

In 2022, the DevOps trend is expected to pick up substantial steam. However, it is important to know that poor microservice implementation might have serious consequences, such as data loss and security threats. ISmile can assist you in utilizing developing DevOps ideas and trends to stay competitive as a dependable technology partner. 

Serverless Computing 

Going serverless is necessary primarily due to the server infrastructure’s enormous CAPEX and OPEX. The serverless architecture’s other key USPs include flexibility, dependability, speed, and cost-effectiveness. With serverless computing, the requirement for infrastructure administration is a thing of the past, allowing businesses to direct their resources into essential business operations. 

Additionally, serverless computing shields DevOps teams from the possibility of maintenance problems. The serverless architecture market is anticipated to increase from USD 7.6 billion in 2020 to USD 21.1 billion by 2025, supported by these advantages. 

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Low Code Application 

Many businesses have turned to low-code amid the pandemic to quickly develop and deploy applications. By the end of 2022, it’s anticipated that the switch to low-code software will have gained major traction. All due to the increase in productivity that the low-code methodology provides. This trend will be followed by developers and DevOps engineers using low code tools with cool drag and drop elements. 

The low-code adoption is anticipated to support the full software development cycle as it develops. It will assist with all facets of software development, including the conception and design of applications, coding, testing, release control, documentation, and more. 

Kubernetes Towards Development 

An open-source container orchestration system called Kubernetes has recently been popular in infrastructure (more so on the operations side). But in 2022, according to analysts, Kubernetes will penetrate much deeper into software development. This paradigm shift will make it simpler for developers to launch a local Kubernetes cluster on their machine. DevOps teams can then use Kubernetes features early in the development cycle as a result of this. 

The learning curve is becoming more difficult as Kubernetes evolves at a very fast rate. As a result, there is always a demand for managed IT service providers like ISmile Technologies. We can assist you with installing Kubernetes on clusters running on Windows and Linux and your current infrastructure. 


Many multinational businesses are incorporating and automating security into their DevOps operations to stave off assaults. In 2022, the transition from DevOps to DevSecOps is anticipated to pick up speed as more businesses incorporate security measures early in the software development lifecycle. This increases the speed and quality of delivery by allowing DevOps teams to continuously monitor and fix security flaws during the development phases. 


AI has already changed how businesses function. It is anticipated to accelerate and streamline each stage of the SDLC, advancing the DevOps ecosystem. Organizations can fully automate DevOps thanks to the AI infusion. With the help of the DevOps team, this feature removes or drastically minimizes the need for human interaction in all stages, from code modifications through deployment. 


DevOps will keep developing and changing regardless of what lies ahead for IT firms. Organizations should adopt these DevOps trends to spearhead important IT transformations that directly support their business objectives and aims.

But only when the transition is comprehensive can the full potential of DevOps be realized. ISmile Technologies combines highly interconnected DevOps, Agile, Cloud, and Digital services to facilitate a thorough company transformation.

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