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Decoding CIOs preferences in modern DevOps Solution

Businesses today are facing a greater level of uncertainty than ever before. As customers look for high-quality digital experiences, companies will have to ensure that their DevOps processes are up-to-date & fully capable to deal with the complexities of today’s businesses. To operationally address these challenges CIOs are looking at their IT teams to play an important role in responding to customer demands, and at the same time keeping up with growing compliance demands, changing business strategies, and the newest technological advancements. As organizations look to modernize, CIOs are looking for some key features in modern DevOps solutions.

Automation in Deployment & Reporting 

It is very complicated to deploy multi-platform applications, as it is prone to errors, and often requires different developers from different disciplines. Whether it is writing & executing complex scripts, or doing manual deployments, any DevOps solution that wants to complete these processes without automation is creating taxing work. A modern DevOps solution allows the automation of the deployment processes. When it comes to managing deliverables, requesting approvals, or any of the steps in between, automated processes lead to lower risks of introducing errors & allow developers to do more value-added work. And the result of all this is that businesses benefit from greater productivity, better protection of the SLAs, and better sustainability. 

Flexibility to incorporate IT team demands  

Today, the organizations needs are different. And, if a DevOps solution forces you to comply with a predefined development process it challenges your team’s productivity & effectiveness. To compete in the current business scenarios, DevOps should be flexible enough to adapt to your team’s demands, the apps they create, and the processes. If your current solution is very much rigid or difficult to customize, then you should immediately switch the solution. Technology is ever-evolving, and your DevOps solution should keep pace with changing face of the technology. Since the future holds uncertainty as predicting the exact scenario is difficult, you must choose a software partner who responds & adapts to changing market dynamics & linked requirements. 

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Usability & Ease of Implementation  

Time saved is any day an important metric for DevOps administrators. A true DevOps solution is easy to implement, configure, and use. A modern DevOps solution supports asynchronous schedules by ensuring that every team member knows their responsibilities & deadlines even before the code is promoted. Many developers follow agile development methodology, and some teams even evolve into CI/CD. On the other hand, many other development teams follow the waterfall approach, prioritizing completeness over iterations. So, a true DevOps solution must support these multiple ways of working. 

A modern DevOps solution provides automation & reporting of the software development & completing the change requests. This way organizations can track & monitor everything important to fulfill different compliances & regulations. It allows you to ensure best practices ensuring separation of duties at every level. ISmile Technologies provides DevOps enablement solution. We believe that it’s an approach that should support a single integrated delivery function from requirements to roll out. Schedule your free assessment today.

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