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Ways to reduce latency when connecting to public cloud

Ways to reduce CLoud Latency

When connecting to public cloud, what do you expect? Off course, faster and streamlined workflows, right? Now, consider that each of your applications are responding slow, even the processes and systems are slow. What would happen? You would lose many man hours of work aside the frustrations that sets in your employees. So, at the end of the day, you find that moving to cloud gets more expensive than your legacy infrastructure. Even your customer would have a bad experience. Well, the culprit for this is none other than latency. Latency is the delay between the user’s action and the application’s response. Monitoring and keeping a tab on latency is must if you want to drive maximum benefits from cloud. 

There are multiple ways to reduce latency when connecting to public cloud. They have been discussed below 

1 .  Identifying the problems in your network

Many network assessment tools are available that help you whether the packet loss or jitters level from your network to the cloud is above the expected or set limits. These tools help you in identifying where you have not met the network recommendations by your network engineer or the team or the recommendations of your cloud provider. You can also use tools such as Ping or SNMP monitoring to identify and remove links in the network that are getting congested. 

2. Move your office near to the data centre

Try and research out the location where your provider’s data centre is. Being in physical proximity to such data centre of the provider can help you negate the effect of network hops on your latency-sensitive applications, thereby improving the performance.

3. Employ a hybrid architecture

It is always advisable to maintain the latency-sensitive portions of your mission-critical app in-house. The remaining parts of the application can be maintained on clouds. That would help you leverage the benefits of both and reap advantages of cost, low latency and have scalability at the same time. 

 4. Frame a distributed cloud architecture

Organizations having employees around the globe must employ a distributed cloud architecture. It ensures that the latency of the cloud applications is low wherever they are present globally. With the help of your cloud service provider, you can ensure that your offices are near to the cloud data centres and employ intelligent routing for your end-users.

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5. Rewrite applications to make them cloud-native

Often the reason for application latency is not congested network links. The majority of the time, legacy applications that were not designed or were fit for the cloud, are migrated. This migration creates latency issues. The best solution for such applications is to rewrite them and make them cloud-native. 

6. Employ QoS on Corporate network

By employing end to end QoS on your corporate network, you negate the probability of congestion on LAN that may affect your latency-sensitive applications on the cloud. The QoS must be configured both on the wired and wireless sides of your network.

7. Extending SD-WAN to your public cloud

By including SD-WAN in your cloud infrastructure, you can use the intelligent routing of SD-WAN to build the best route between the corporate network and cloud resources based on latency, jitters and packet loss. 

Having faster access to data and information means faster workflows, increased productivity, and higher profits for markets and industries. Addressing latency through proactive monitoring of networks and applications and taking proper remediation measures is a must for leveraging the full benefits of the cloud. With Ismile Technologies, you can bid goodbye to latency and availability issues on the cloud forever.  

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