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CCOE is the best practice approach to drive cloud enabled transformation


Nowadays, most companies are trying to move to the cloud instead of an on-premises working setup. Many giant companies have started providing cloud services like Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services, etc. It has a lot of services to offer, along with computational and storage facilities. It provides a lot of cost-saving, time management, improved accessibility, and flexibility. Cloud setup means having a completely new organization on the cloud environment instead of a premises setup.  

Cloud Center of Excellence(CCOE) is a team dedicated to managing and governing the cloud environment and providing solutions to any problem that arises related to the cloud. The CCOE does the planning, cloud service provider selection, cost management related to cloud services., and handling migration of all data and programs to the cloud.

The main responsibility of CCOE are: 
  1. Manage failures – The team should make sure that sometimes when the cloud services go down, the company must be ready to face such situations and have a disaster recovery plan, and have an alternate backup ready for such conditions to get the system online as soon as possible.  
  1. Providing resources – The CCOE must try to provide all the resources that the team needs in terms of computation, storage,GPU and other similar things without any compromise just because the system is on cloud. 
  1. Security –  One of the most important aspects of cloud setup is security. CCOE must ensure that security measures are incorporated in every level. CCOE must have control over every aspect of access management, security measures to tackle external attacks and monitor all the resources and environment.  

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  1. Development environment of application – By moving to cloud, the cost of running and maintaining an application may be drastically reduced if properly managed. The advantage of cloud is that it also provides number of various services that can be used along with the app development environment. 
  1. Resource management – The CCOE must continouosly monitor the resources and whenever needed shift to cheaper alternative that can reduce the cost of project in long run. 
  1. Cloud education – The CCOE must ensure that the employees using the cloud environment are educated about the cloud resources and they must be trained to use the the cloud setup. 

CCOE has many challenges to face in the initial stage of cloud usage. The work of CCOE is maximum when the company is moving to the cloud from an on-premises setup. Nowadays, most startups directly set up their system on the cloud, which helps them to employ people from anywhere around the world with just an internet connection and a computer to work on their project with the help of the cloud. This helps in the talent acquisition of experts to be integrated into the project smoothly and quickly. While moving to the cloud is a tedious task, after this step, the workflow of the company data becomes very efficient, and the development and operation of the project becomes very systematic and progressive. The experts can focus on software development instead of thinking about resources and security management. CCOE is a vital part of the cloud ecosystem, and if CCOE uses proper practices, it will prove to be a boon to the organization’s development.  

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