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Best Cloud based Control Panels to Manage Servers and Websites


Got a new cloud server? Good. But herein starts the tough task of installing applications, components, configuring them, plan for backups and disaster recovery and so on. Server management is not an easy task for sure. But certain cloud-based control panels offer you complete comfort in managing your servers. 

They help in simplification of complex tasks, helps in automation of routine procedures and manages all aspects while configuring the server.  

Some of the famous cloud control panels are 

  • SPanel- It is offered by Scala Hosting. This is a multifaceted hosting platform that help in management of Cloud VPS service. With it you get speeded up websites, better control over security and offers the option of free migration and 100% delivery of emails. Users can manage AWS servers, Digital Ocean servers and Scala hosting servers through Spanel. It provides an interface for management of SSL certificates, databases, DNS zones, emails, spam settings and more. You are able to check server health and supports Nginx, Apache and Litespeed enterprise web servers 
  • cPanel- It is a famous Linux based web hosting panel with automation tools and GUI. It allows end- users, resellers and administrators to control different aspects of web and server management through a web interface. It allows command line interface to developers for various usage models 
  • Cloudways- It provides managed hosting facilities for Wordpress, Laravel, Magento and other PHP applications. It is mainly used for e-commerce businesses. It supports five cloud providers including AWS, Google Cloud, Linode, DigitalOcean, and Vultr, with maximum PHP application choices. 
  • Run Cloud- It provides a unique graphical interface for management of websites running on DigitalOcean, Run Cloud has dashboarding facility for managing databases, files, jobs backups, etc. Run Cloud helps you in driving the best configuration of your traffic and helps you apply the configuration to your server with clicks. It allows easy installation of PHP versions, configuring Apache 2 or Nginx, installing TLS and configuring your SSL to fulfill HIPAA and PCI-DSS standards 
  • ServerPilot- It helps in connecting servers from multiple service providers and manages all the configurations required to host PHP applications. It allows you to configure a server in below two minutes. It has a software stack of Ubuntu, Apache, MySQL and Nginx to speed up your websites. It provides a modern REST API which provides you complete control over servers and databases on the servers.  
  • Moss-Moss helps the software development team alongwith managing tasks related to website and server administration. It helps you to deploy, control and manage your websites and servers. It manages your VPS and the cloud server. 
  • Vepp- Vepp offers a set of Vepp web panle that hekps you in maximizing the performance and security of website hosted on VPS. It also offers reliable security tools line antivirus, full proof SSL certificates and backups 


There are various other control panels (with advanced features) like 

  • Vesta 
  • Plesk on Vult 
  • Ploi 
  • Forge on Laravel 

And more 

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