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Top Reasons Why Your Business Should Use Terraform to Deploy on the Cloud

Businesses are transforming digitally on a global level, which has inflated the demand of various mediums that makes the whole process easy. One of the major step of the transformation is deploying the business on cloud. Earlier the deployment process was conducted manually by system administrators which was strenuous and time consuming, but thanks to Infrastructure as code (IaC), the procedure has become smooth and effortless.  It allows sysadmins to manage and run IT infrastructure through text files that appear as code, instead of physical hardware configuration.  


Terraform is one of the most popular open-source IaC software created by HashiCorp. It enables users to define and run data center infrastructure using a simple and readable configuration language known as HCL (HashiCorp Configuration Language), vocalizing the infrastructure as code. Here are top reasons why you should choose Terraform to deploy business on cloud: 


  • Quick and reliable deployment 

With Terraform, IT wizards can set organized and programmed pipelines for infrastructure, which results in rapid and risk free deployments because manual actions are reduced. Moreover, same set of code can be used to construct infrastructure for development and QA environments, which helps in ensuring the consistencies throughout the production environment. 

  • Supports multiple cloud providers 

Each cloud provider is unique and complex, but Terraform supports Azure, Google cloud, AWS and many other cloud services, which enables consistent deployment across all the clouds. Terraform codes and configuration files can be used to manage resources of various clouds. 

  • Coded Infrastructure 

Terraform allows system admins to utilize code to organize and maintain resources. It allows user to reserve the infrastructure status, so that changes in various components of the system IaC (Infrastructure as code) can be tracked and shared in form of configurations with others. 

  • Reduction in development costs 

When a same set of code can be used in development of various type of infrastructures for business deployment, it helps in reduction in development costs and also save huge chunk of time for system administrators. Terraform creates and analyse on-demand development and deployment environments which saves all the hardships. 

  • Reduction in provision time 

Classic deployment methods used by businesses prior to IaC took weeks in implementation, plus they were prone to errors. However, Terraform, takes just minutes in complete deployment procedure and saves DevOps’s time and organization money. With Terraform in function, DevOps can focus more on discovery and invention of new things.  


Terraform provides various benefits to organization and developers as it helps automatic management of infrastructure across various cloud platforms. It is absolutely cost-effective and allows you to touch the levels of mobility, a business needs to crave a path to success. It is available in an open source as well as in enterprise version. Best suitable for large organization, Terraform allows rapid and effortless test experimental changes without wastage of time and resources. All in all, it is the best source for best results

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