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Azure Migration Readiness Assessment

Why Cloud Migration? 

Cloud migration is the best way to scale your IT infrastructure and getting rid of managing servers and managing the latency incurred by the users.  

AZURE cloud is best amongst the cloud providers, coming from a portfolio of Microsoft offerings and many of us, are familiar with Microsoft products since generations and its most secure and trusted clouds available. 

Before migration company should be clear and have a precise IT plan to execute the migration. Organisation should have Architecture ready of workloads and location of various services which they need based on location and user traffic. Before Planning organisation should think and mind boggle about the business needs, security needs and data on cloud needs for their application. 

Steps for Migration Readiness Assessment 

  • Data Migration: Types of Data to be migrated to the cloud, types of services and types of databases needed, and their SLAs and cost of type of data storage services. 

  • Infrastructure Analysis: Type of VMs, storages, VPCs required by organisation with varied applications with varied location around the globe. Architecture to be followed while assigning of workloads.  

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  • Analysis on Application level: Setting up type of versioning of application based on geolocation of app & type of feature is required by users. Amount of traffic and setting up security of application based on users and location and setting up load-balancers and security infrastructure group needed for application.  Is the application web-based or API based served as wrapper to different platforms, type of application and services required by the organisation, like PAAS, SAAS, IAAS. 
  • Defining the types of services and utilizing the workloads based on that. 
  • When considering Data Migration, organisations can do automation (by using functions/scripts to automate the data to be sent to particular service of Azure, this may take some time in planning by will decrease the cost in long run), manual migration or routine based migration can help organisation to save cost of data on cloud & secure the data in the on-prem infrastructure. 
  • When going through business needs of the organisation, organisation should look at the scalability, agility, cost and cost to customer ration/margin, revenue and its impact in near future. 

  • Migration to cloud can be Full migration or Hybrid Migration, many big organisations go for hybrid migration as it will help them to function more effectively and while using some services of cloud as well as of premise IT infrastructure to boost their consistency.  


Type of Roadmaps needed before & after migration 

  • Monitoring & reporting: Use of tool/services provided by Azure to monitor the services and workloads to get better performances and decrease the usages costs. 
  • Deployment: Maintaining the pipelines and versioning is most useful steps to ensure the application is running or not. 

  • Load Balancing: Checking the different services on which application is using and based on metrics of user traffic there is need to change the application needs of VMs, storage and database and APIs for proper functioning. 
  • Security & Networking: Constantly monitoring the security bugs of application and changing the networking of application based on users is utmost important based on geolocation and users’ traffic. 

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