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What are the CSPM Tools used for Securing our Managed Services Clients?

Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) is all about doing the configuration of  your cloud resources for optimizing security. Now a days as businesses are increasing their use of cloud-based services, they will have to improve their understanding of security issues that can lead to weak cloud systems . You must have heard of vulnerability managers, they look for security loopholes in your on-site systems. Cloud Security Posture Management is just like that security service for cloud resources. CSPM tools lay emphasis on the settings of your cloud-based systems. 

The way how you configure your cloud accounts can lead to opportunities for hackers. There are situations when a security weakness is only present between services, let’s say in the ways they exchange data. By using the CSPM tool, you can close the vulnerabilities for individual cloud service or a group of cloud services. In this blog we are going to cover the CSPM tools we use for securing our managed services clients. 

  1. CrowdStrike Falcon Horizon CSPM – This CSPM tool is good for securing the operational cloud systems and for also producing controls to prevent developers from creating cloud security weaknesses.
  2. Datadog Cloud Security Posture Management – This CSPM tool continuously scans enrolled cloud assets, checking for configuration weaknesses,  and also any settings changes that can indicate intruder activity. The tool scans and benchmarks results for compliance reporting. 
  3. Palo Alto Prisma Cloud – This tool emphasizes on storage account settings and user access permissions; it provides compliance reporting that is good for standards auditing. 
  4. Check Point CloudGuard – Then we have this awesome tool that combines workload protection and CSPM for the sake of both operations and development, and it can also secure accounts across cloud platforms.
  5. BMC Helix Cloud Security – This CSPM tool includes automated redress for the cloud configuration weaknesses that is discovered by it, and it also helps in providing extensive documentation for compliance auditing.
  6. Zscaler Workload Posture – This tool has a package of access rights management system and a CSPM service.
  7. Rapid7 InsightCloudSec – This tool package includes CSPM with cloud workload protection and IAM plus thorough logging for compliance reporting. 
  8. Sophos Cloud Optix – This is the final tool that we use. This CSPM solution offers remediation guides for discovered configuration errors and also provides documentation for compliance auditing. 

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As you know the CSPM tools deal with cloud resources, and therefore you can expect that all the tools that we discussed are cloud-based themselves. These security systems must cross platforms & examine different resources and find out how they operate. Your CSPM tools must leave your cloud services in an operational state. You can set them give recommendations on settings rather than automatically doing those changes. CSPM tools thoroughly document all their actions & movements. That documentation is useful if you want to show standards compliance. One of the needs of the data protection standards, like HIPAA and PCI DSS is to confirm that you have taken every possible step to protect data. 

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