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Top 5 Best Practices AWS Migration

Every organization is reluctant to start its first cloud migration strategy for simple reasons of failure. The fear of security breaches and ensuring to secure their customer information on the check is one of the biggest priorities of businesses.  

Do organizations often seem to struggle with questions such as where do they start? How should they make sure their organization’s data is secure or not? How AWS is cloud migration going to change the entire structure of their enterprise?  

Let's have a look at five best practices for migrating to AWS successfully :-

1. Define a strong IAM (Identity and access management) policy going into the Cloud 
Having a solid identity and access management policy is one of your organization’s most important things. It would be best if you defined who should have access to your organizational data and resources. Having complete control over the access management will ensure more security in the Cloud. 

Unchecked access can lead to significant troubles for the future; that’s why you need to define your IAM policy in ASW cloud migration for the best cost optimization services.  

2. Have a framework for prioritization and what goes to the Cloud and when. 
A plan and a proper framework is a priority that which you should set your mind. You need to consider the kind of cloud strategy best for your enterprise based on the size and your overall goals. Different cloud models such as public, private, or hybrid Cloud are all there to fulfil different needs.  

You need to prioritize your AWS cloud migration strategy and build your roadmap according to that. Always make sure that your ASW cloud migration strategy gives you the promising effects of increased ROI, High scalability, and lower flexibility.  

3. Define what service maps to which cost drivers. 
Don’t migrate to the Cloud just based on a buzzword, have your reasons for migrating to the Cloud. It is essential to map your organization’s business drivers such as high scalability, cost reduction, business intelligence, and digital transformation.  

Cloud migration is an excellent architecture for application development and a more effective cost optimization strategy.  

4. Consider your long-term strategy and business model against whether you want to go to AWS in the first place. 
AWS cloud migration strategy has developed so much that it takes only a few hours to deploy an application. Previously it used to take a few days. The conversion and advancement of the development cycles have increased faster and leveraging partners safely and securely has also become possible because of AWS.  

However, you may not require having a cloud migration for a long time, and its prices can increase over time. Therefore, it is far better to consider which business strategy would require cloud services to accelerate the growth of the enterprise as a whole.  

5. Choose your AWS partners carefully! 
To deploy cloud migration, it is best to allow the experts to handle the work of AWS cloud migration. It would help if you had a cloud services provider who has much more experience and expertise in these areas with an extensive level of knowledge.  

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Choosing the right cloud partner for your business is highly important because you shouldn’t neglect your vendor. You need a CSP who will become a partner with your enterprise for a long time, and you need to scale them accordingly. 


For the best practices for the migration of cloud strategy of AWS, you need many considerations and a detailed view about who to approach. Defining your initial goals is highly advisable and then choosing the right vendor to partner with also is essential if you have to maintain cloud strategy within your business. 

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