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Unlock Your Business Potential with the Top 10 Popular Microsoft Azure Services

What is Azure Service?  

A Service that is created to perform a task which could be one or more resources, is called Azure Service. For example, if you create a Virtual Machine, you will get a Storage Account, a VNet instance and a Network Security Group (NSG). Here, the service is Virtual Machine which you create & the resources of the service are what you manage & interact with.   

Why should an Enterprise select Microsoft Azure Services?  

For Enterprises, Azure recommends rapidly building, deploying, and managing cloud applications, redefining scalability, and security with deeply integrated services. Azure has the ability to support a wide range of operating systems, frameworks, languages, databases, and devices.  

  • IaaS & PaaS Capabilities:
    The combination of Azure & IaaS and PaaS capabilities allows organizations to offload infrastructure and quickly build web or mobile applications.  
  • Simple Learning and Deploy:
    Azure is easy to learn and deploy, and the demand for its services has increased. Programming languages such as Visual Basic, C++, and C# are well suited for developing cloud-native Azure apps.  
  • Data Safety:
    Due to Azure & design of the security development lifecycle, security provisioning relative to core Azure services is evident. Efficient operations and data protection in the Azure cloud are therefore worth considering for enterprises.  
  • Cost Effective:
    Azure & pay-as-you-go model makes it more attractive, which allows organizations to scale costs effectively by using the resources provided. Additionally, by implementing Azure Services, organizations can save money which would be spent on infrastructure and IT maintenance.  
  • SQL and NoSQL Data Services:
    Enterprises make data-driven decisions using SQL and NoSQL data services provided by Azure. It also makes it easier for companies to gain insights into accessible data.  

Top10 popular Microsoft Azure Services:

Below is a brief overview of top10 popular Microsoft Azure services 

  • Azure DevOps  
  • Azure Virtual Machines  
  • Azure Cosmos DB  
  • Azure Active Directory (AAD)  
  • Azure API Management  
  • Azure Content Delivery Network  
  • Azure Backup  
  • Azure Logic Apps  
  • Azure Site Recovery  
  • Azure Bots  

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Azure DevOps

Azure Devops is one of the first Azure cloud services launched into the market. The Azure Devops services are ideal for smarter planning and better collaboration to ensure faster delivery. It helps in leveraging proven agile tools for planning, tracking, and discussion of work among different teams. Users could find Azure Devops services as ideal choices for building, testing, and deploying with CI/CD.  

The Azure DevOps services are: 

  • Azure Repos  
  • Azure Pipelines  
  • Azure Boards  
  • Azure Test Plans  
  • Azure Artifacts  

Azure Virtual Machines

Azure Virtual Machines (VMs) play a crucial role in managing critical workloads and running high-performance applications. It is a one of Azure’s core services under Compute category allows you to create Windows and Linux Virtual Machines in a matter of seconds. With Microsoft Azure, you can get Compute Optimized VMs, Burstable VMs, General Purpose VMs, and Memory Optimized VMs.   

Azure virtual machine can be used in the following ways:  

  • Development & Testing  
  • Applications in the Cloud  
  • Extended Data Center  

Azure Cosmos DB

Azure Cosmos DB is one of the most well-known Azure cloud computing services. It offers a globally distributed, fully managed database service. In reality, worldwide distribution is turnkey in nature and involves transparent multi-master duplication as well. 

Azure Active Directory (AAD) 

Azure Active Directory (AAD) is a cloud based identity and access management service. It is a multi-factor authentication and single-sign-on business identity solution that protects users from majority of cybersecurity risks. 

Azure API Management 

Azure API Management is also one of the most effective Azure web app services available currently. It helps you to quickly publish, manage, assess, and protect APIs in minutes. Azure’s API Management is a turnkey solution ideally fit for the publication of APIs to internal and external customers. 

Azure Content Delivery Network 

Azure Content Delivery Network (CDN) is an Azure service that provides benefits of reliable and secure content delivery and acceleration. The service is designed to integrate and run with a variety of other services such as web apps, Azure cloud services, storage, and more. It provides the benefit of advanced analytics that can help in obtaining insights on customer workflows and business requirements.  

Azure Backup

Azure Backup allows simple data protection tools from the Azure web services, to keep your data protected from human errors and also allows you to keep your application consistent with the help of VSS snapshot (Windows) and fsfreeze (Linux).  

It gives Benefits Like:  

  • Backup Azure IaaS VMs  
  • App-consistent backups  
  • Offload on-premises backup   
  • Keep data secure  
  • Retain short and long term data  
  • Scale easily  
  • Get unlimited data transfer  
  • Multiple storage options  
  • Automatic storage options  
  • Centralized monitoring and management

Azure Logic Apps

Azure Logic Apps are one of the best Azure services which are gaining recognition gradually for their applications in building robust integration solutions. It can help in connecting data, apps, and devices anywhere. Furthermore, the business-to-business (B2B) capabilities of Logic Apps help in easier working with trading partners through Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) standards and Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) standards.

Azure Site Recovery 

Azure Site Recovery is highly appreciated by enterprises across the globe. It provides a built-in disaster recovery service for your business with unique features for simplicity and flexibility. You can set up Azure Site Recovery in simple steps through the replication of an Azure VM to different Azure regions. 

Azure Bots 

Azure Bots service is designed to improve the end user experience. It refers to Bots that come under the Automation category. Customers prefer to chat with bots for different customer support and service issues.  


Microsoft Azure is arguably the fastest growing cloud computing platform for enterprise adoption. It provides a secure cloud environment with several services that help an organization achieve business outcomes. ISmile Technologies being a proud partner to the top public cloud providers like AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud can provide you with a cloud governance model and core framework to ensure your operations in the public cloud are scalable and secure. Schedule a free assessment today.


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