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Deploying AWS-based Customer Service Applications Using Automation (Terraform, CI/CD)

Delivering high-quality products to your customers is necessary for any business, and all product delivery necessitates diligent and swift customer support.   

ISmile Technologies used Amazon Connect and other AWS AI-enabled services to create seamless, scalable, and automated customer support processes for a major insurance provider.

Technologies Used

  • Terraform for deploying AWS infrastructure as code  
  • Amazon Connect for creating contact center infrastructure and integration with AWS services  
  • Amazon Lex for AI-enabled speech recognition, conversion to text, and chatbot enablement  
  • Amazon Polly for transmitting text to speech to contact center user  
  • AWS Lambda for driving conversation tree logic and response handling  

What’s the big picture?  

After bringing all these services together, the contact center solution architecture we created followed a format akin to the following.  

How did our contact center solution architecture work in practice?

  1. A customer would call using a phone number handled by Amazon Connect (or they would enter the contact center via chat portal).  
  2. Amazon Connect would then pass the customer’s context to its Amazon Connect Contact Flow hook to Amazon Lex so the customer could converse with the virtual agent.  
  3. The Amazon Lex virtual agent would receive the user’s speech, convert it to text, and deliver that text to the AWS Lambda conversation tree logic.  
  4. AWS Lambda will take the information delivered by Amazon Lex to perform an action or give a response back in text format.  
  5. Amazon Lex will convert AWS Lambda’s response to speech via Amazon Polly and relay it back to the customer.  

As the conversation continues, steps 2 through 5 will repeat until completion.

What’s the point?  

Our solution utilizes Terraform and a CI/CD pipeline to automatically provision the resources used and uses a security baseline to guarantee compliance requirements per organizational needs.  

In particular, this security baseline becomes HIPAA compliant using Zscaler CSPM or DivvyCloud CSPM (Cloud Security Posture Management).   

As a result of automating customer service delivery and leveraging pay-as-you-go compute services, the major insurance provider benefitted from adopting this architecture through reduced costs and fewer physical agents needing to devote time and energy to handling customer service requests, freeing them up to do more valuable work that would be less forthcoming to automation.  

Thanks to the use of cloud-based technology, this contact center architecture scaled to demand, meaning that the insurance provider did not need to worry about hiring more people to perform customer service and instead let AI do the work for them.


In conjunction with AI-enabled AWS services, Amazon Connect can provide your business with a powerful, scalable contact center solution that makes it easy for you to handle and monitor customer service requests on demand.   

ISmile Technologies has the skills to securely implement an Amazon Connect solution like the one described in this blog post so that your business can reap the benefits. For more information, Get Your Free Consultation.

Cloud Engineer

Gabriel Chutuape

A technology enthusiast passionate about automation, Gabriel Chutuape is a Cloud Engineer at ISmile Technologies. He’s part of the ISmile Technologies Cloud enablement team that help customers to design/solution/project engineering, integrating and implementing infrastructure technologies & services.

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