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The Need For AI : An Overview

The Need For AI : An Overview

Artifical Intelligence (AI) is the advanced version of human efforts of trying to ease their life. Humans search for comfort or means to enjoy fruits with minimal physical or emotional investment. We know that physical labour demands moving out of the comfort zone but even thinking which is not voluntary or which has to be persistent and routed for gains causes exhaustion or stretching out. As Penrose (1989) has pointed out, the majority of us are quite happy with machines or tools that help us to perform physical tasks more easily and quickly, such as making a hole etc. 

The Need for AI is basically hidden in the evolutionary pattern of humans. Humans have needs which are relative and once the need is sufficed, they move on or discover for them a new need. The terms needs, desires and wants are often changed according to the context. 

The ultimate need for a human if studied properly results in another human who can fulfil all their needs emotional, physical etc. In an end to achieve this end, machines need to be induced with human sense. I believe that this is where the philosophy of the development of AI lies. Yes, it is what you may call human craving for the next level of comfort, the millennial craving, I would say. 

Classical philosophers have long conceived humans like ‘robots with a sense’ or thinking as a mechanical manipulation of various symbols. Attempt to induce this sense or human-level intelligence were portrayed in various sci-fi films and books, even a hundred years ago. The first solid advancement in this field was the digital computers launched in 1940 which ran on programs. This was the first computer which had abstract mathematical reasoning sense. This strengthened the possibility of a new paradigm in human essence inducement in machines and dreams of electronic brain coming true with Artifical Intelligence (AI) .  

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