How to apply XGBOOST algorithm using R

Apply XGBOOST algorithm using R

Extreme Gradient Boosting (xgboost) is a powerful machine learning algorithm and is one of the popular winning recipes. Over the past few years, predictive modeling has been termed as fast and accurate. Most of the tedious work can be done using this algorithm. Compared to the random forest and neural networks, XGBOOST has better efficiency, […]

Automation of data using Machine Learning

Data Automation using Machine Learning

ML is a type of data analysis that uses algorithms and methods to detect the patterns of new and existing datasets. It is one of the fastest and advanced technologies in the current industry. ML has lots of applications, and data entry automation is one of the important applications. In today’s businesses, data inaccuracy and […]

How retailers can boost agility and resilience in Google Cloud

Boost agility and resilience in Google Cloud

Introduction COVID has changed everyone’s life drastically and changed the way of purchasing goods, but these changes accelerated trends that were well carried out. While many of the retailers caught with the abrupt change, most of them stepped up into the cloud transformation that results in changes in consumer behavior, and these changes remain permanent. […]


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