Capabilities Supported in Azure Firewall

Capabilities in Azure Firewall

High availability environment Azure firewall has built-in high availability. No configurations and load balancers are required  Multiple availability zones The firewall can be configured for spanning multiple availability zones for increased availability. With availability zones, your availability can increase to 99.99 per cent uptime. No extra costs are involved in deploying Azure firewall in the availability […]

Implementing a Governance Framework for Microsoft Azure

Governance Framework for Microsoft Azure

Governance Framework Implementation for Microsoft Azure Step 1 The Azure introduction framework  Understanding of Microsoft Azure  Understanding of Azure Auto manage.  Understanding of Azure Purview  Understanding of Azure Synapse analytics, Azure Migrate, Azure Arc  Understanding of other Azure services  Understanding of Azure Regions, data centers, networks, virtualization, etc  Understanding of dashboarding, reporting, and analysis measures of […]

Google Cloud Load Balancing (Overview)

Load Balancing in Google Cloud

The work of a load balancer is to distribute traffic among multiple instances of the applications or across multiple servers. The load balancing aims to ensure that excess traffic doesn’t cause downtime of your systems or applications. The load balancer is like a pressure valve that lets the pressure of requests or traffic load spread […]

Top Docker Hosting Platforms for Managing your Containers

Top Docker hosting platforms

Docker is a well-known containerization tool. It helps to run 100s of containers in multiple clusters. Managing these huge number of containers can be a painful task for your team. By using docker hosting platforms, managing containers becomes easy. Also, it helps your team focus on their core activities while leaving the headache of docker management […]


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