Post-Pandemic Remote Work Trends and Business Continuity Solutions for Law Firms

Day & Date: Wednesday, Aug 31st 2022 | Time: 11:00 AM CST

Several law firms have now closed their doors because of the Covid-19 virus and shift their staff to work from home. But this poses several significant challenges for some firms, including those that previously thought they had robust business continuity plans. You must do everything you can to maintain the confidentiality of all client data, both hard (files) and soft (computer) formats because the SRA has made it plain that protecting clients is vital to everything it does. 


  1. The future of Remote Working in Law Firms/Industry 
  2. Challenges Law Industry Facing in terms of business continuity due to WFH culture/ post-covid 
  3. Cybercrime Risk/Compromise in security because of not having an end-to-end data sharing solution 
  4. Why cloud-based VDI solution is the best option for Law Firms to maintain business continuity, and how does it work? 
  5. How ISmile help Law Firms implement and manage VDI solutions? 

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