Getting DevSecOps Right in Financial Services

E-book Getting DevSecOps Right in Financial Services Banks, finance organizations, and insurance companies face increasing pressure to improve their cyber security and increase the speed at which new software is released. They appear to be in conflict at a first impression. DevSecOps, however, provides a mechanism for financial services businesses to achieve these seemingly conflicting […]

DevOps vs NoOps

E-book DevOps Vs NoOps The relevance of DevOps in a cloud based environment that entails automation for testing and deployment of software packages has made the notion ubiquitous. When the development and operation team cannot interact effectively, it’s tough to tell if an application is ready by comparing it to others. The key difference between […]

DevOps Management Guide

E-book DevOps Management Guide DevOps is a concept that combines the developments and operation of the term to describe a collaborative or shared approach to the duties done by a company’s application development and IT operations teams. DevOps is a mindset that fosters more excellent communication and cooperation across these teams — and others — […]

DevOps Maturity Model

E-book DevOps Maturity Model The IT sector has been altered by DevOps, which has changed the way teams function and interact in the process chain and workflow. Most firms will have used DevOps at some point in their software development journey by now. While some are still learning about DevOps’ influence, others have fully embraced […]


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