Guide to Monitoring Microservices

E-book Guide to Monitoring Microservices For organizations adopting Kubernetes A large number of applications both distributed & diversified are running on the Kubernetes environment & they keep communicating with each other. A failure in any section of the environment can  seize the entire process & identifying it is also very difficult. And when it comes […]

Guide to the Enterprise Cloud Cost Management

E-book Guide to the Enterprise Cloud Cost Management If your journey of cloud adoption money can flow out of your pocket like a waterfall, so, before moving to the cloud, make an adequate and proper cloud strategy to control your spending and be within limits of your budget. Here are some cloud cost management strategies […]

Cloud Optimization Strategy Ebook for CTO’s

E-book Cloud Optimization Strategy The importance of cloud computing skyrocketed by cost-conscious IT departments that visualized cloud as a natural next step to stretch their tight budget. It is necessary to make an informed decision for technology leaders due to the evolvement of cloud computing models.Public clouds are a crucial part of hybrid cloud strategy- […]

Cloud Governance

E-book Cloud Governance The holistic governance approach is at the forefront besides focusing on security and cost-effectiveness. Cloud governance asks for applying specific processes, standards and policies. Spending according to the budget limits, operations about applications and programs in use and cloud service management within any organization. Security & Compliance Issue Smooth Business Intelligence NoOps […]


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