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Our SRE services ensure high reliability, uptime and availability. We incorporate the RED( Request rate, error rate, duration) and USE ( Utilisation, Saturation, Error rate) methods in our SRE implementation to nullify the gap between service delivery and user experience. The breadth of the experience and expertise of our SRE team ranges from coding to automation and from monitoring and testing to documentation. With our SRE services, you can  

Service Offerings Portfolio

Our SRE teams manage systems, solve problems, automate and standardise operation tasks through a range of SRE services 

System Performance Assessment

We undertake a complete assessment of your systems, platforms, applications and others in terms of error, latency, throughput, availability, performance and others.

Backup and Recovery

We undertake incremental or full backup of your data and ensure provisioning or recovering data in minutes, not days.

Design System Architecture

A system architecture designed to create fault-tolerant CI/CD pipelines and other elements like data models, the query interface, etc.

System Support

We provide complete systems support, affording and monitoring code changes in production, faster software delivery, complete incident management, backup and recovery etc.

Multi-Cloud Operation

We undertake tailored hybrid and multi-cloud management with deep automation. Our strategy helps your org to control scalable and dynamic cloud environments effectively.

System Monitoring

We proactively monitor the systems and applications in the pipeline and help route issues to specific personnel for real-time resolution.

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for SRE Services?

iSmile offers you a range of SRE services, including conducting incident reviews, supporting the core IT teams, supporting escalation issues, handling on-call processes and ensuring that flexible, collaborative and synchronous workflows to be created. 

iSmile is the top choice for SRE owing to : 

Its time to transform and level up

Get your head in the cloud, combine dev and ops to have agile software development, and unlock company data’s potentials with the right data strategies and advanced analytics. Leverage the three golden cones of IT success with iSmile Technologies. 


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SRE is a set of rules and practices that uses features of software engineering to IT infrastructure and operations problems. It is a software engineering approach to IT services.

SRE helps improve your service health, provide support to the entire IT operations acting as a bridge between different teams, specifically the developers and the operators. It helps you in attaining flexibility within your organisation and scale efficiently. SRE organises on-call structures and alerts for your workflows and many more. 

SRE focuses on making your IT services available and running with peak performance at all times. On the other hand, DevOps focuses on streamlining your product development lifecycle. 

  • Creates software to help operations and development teams   
  • Manages issues related to support escalation   
  • Helps in routing specific issues to their respective teams   
  • Manages on-call processes   
  • Conducts post-incident reviews and more   

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Yes, SRE will provide every kind of support for making your IT infrastructure scalable, efficient and synchronous. 


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