Identity & Access Management: 4-day Assessment

iSmile Technologies Identity and Access Management service is at the foundation of cloud security and ensures that identity is strengthened to reduce the likelihood of comprised credentials.

In today’s world, the threat landscape is evolving quickly for all businesses, large or small. Attacks are becoming more frequent, and the stakes have never been higher. To counter this threat, organizations need to reduce the number of usernames and passwords that end users must remember. Too many passwords lead to insecure passwords and poor password management practices. 

iSmile Technologies Azure Identity and Access Management service have been created to ensure that businesses implement the best possible security as they move to the cloud and maintain that best practice moving forward. The service starts by helping businesses plan and implement directory synchronization between on-premises Active Directory and Azure AD and to activate enhanced security elements within the service, such as multi-factor authentication and third-party application integration. Once deployed, our experts can monitor and manage the solution to ensure identity security is maintained at the highest level.

Assessment Phases 

Phase 1: Consultation workshop to cover business goals and Azure AD Identity and Access Management configuration concepts and features to help with understanding deployment options. 

Phase 2: Detailed assessment of the on-premises Active Directory and infrastructure to document the overall health, configuration and versions of the current identity infrastructure 

Phase 3: A report detailing assessment outcomes and the steps required to implement directory synchronization using the agreed configuration options includes the changes needed to the on-premises Active Directory and the surrounding infrastructure necessary to support the change.


An IAM 4-Day Assessment is a structured review of an organization's existing identity and access management processes and technologies. The assessment is typically carried out over a four-day period and involves interviews with key stakeholders, analysis of relevant data and systems, and the identification of areas for improvement. 

An IAM 4-Day Assessment is important because it can help organizations identify gaps and inefficiencies in their identity and access management processes. By conducting the assessment, organizations can gain a better understanding of their current state, develop a roadmap for improving their IAM capabilities, and reduce the risk of security breaches and compliance issues. 

An IAM 4-Day Assessment typically involves a team of experts in identity and access management, as well as key stakeholders from the organization being assessed. These stakeholders may include IT leaders, security professionals, compliance officers, and business unit representatives. 

The deliverables of an IAM 4-Day Assessment may include a comprehensive report detailing the findings of the assessment, recommendations for improving IAM capabilities, and a roadmap for implementing those recommendations. The report may also include an assessment of the organization's compliance with relevant regulations and standards. 

An organization interested in an IAM 4-Day Assessment can start by reaching out to us to discuss your needs and goals. We can then provide more information on the assessment process, deliverables, and pricing. Organizations may also want to conduct an initial scoping call or meeting to ensure that the assessment will meet their specific requirements. 

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