Azure Cloud Assessment (6 weeks)

Azure Cloud Assessment from Ismile Technologies involves scanning youIT infrastructure and provide a detailed cloud assessment report. While migrating to Azure cloud, several core considerations need to be fully understood like
Suitable workloads for migration 
Bandwidth requirement, computing capacity and dependencies and other technical essentials
Migration plan and solution 
Technical design required
Migration methodology and others 
The cost involved in migrating the workloads 
Our Assessment includes detailed reports of all the above areas and more

Phase 1. Discovery and Design


ISmile Technologies will initiate and organize the Migration project, analyze Customer’s specified Instance environments, and develop a detailed plan for executing the Migration.  Specific activities are described below.  
The discovery process would include:

  •  Stakeholder Discovery (days) – Meeting with business and technical stakeholders to ensure agreement and for alignment with business goals and high-level requirements.
  • Server Workload Discovery (2 days)- Workshops conducted with IT and business owners to establish tagging and mapping of servers to Client defined workload names, runtime environments and service level agreements.
  • Technical Discovery (3 days)- It involves gathering technical discovery information like server compatibility, bandwidth requirements, compute capacity, server dependency mapping and IOPS etc .
  • Framing the Technical Design (3 days) Conduct technical workshops with technical and business stakeholders to develop and complete the migration Technical Design Document.

Through these workshops, the ISmile Technologies and Client team will discuss and approve necessary technical design decisions, which may include:

  • Migration methodology for large data workloads   
  • Cloud foundations workshop   
  • Data residency requirements   
  • Data security requirements   
  • Setting VM Instance Types 
  • Landing Zone migration testing 

Deliverables: Draft Technical Design Document (TDD)  

  •  Migration Plan and Backlog (3 days) – Throughout the Discovery and Design phase ISmile Technologies will add, update, and refine User Stories to the Migration Backlog to capture the requirements for the VM migration.   ISmile Technologies will ask Client to prioritize the User Stories in the Migration Backlog.  ISmile Technologies will work with Client to provide guidance on technical complexity and feasibility for each User Story based on what was learned during the Discovery and Design phase.  

Deliverables: Draft Migration Plan, Draft Migration Backlog of user stories 

  •  Migration Plan and Technical Design Review and Approval (1 day) – ISmile Technologies will conduct a meeting with key Customer stakeholders to review the Migration Plan.  ISmile Technologies will confirm acceptance of the Migration Plan approach and schedule, and document any outstanding issues and actions items, and any required changes to Services scope.  At this meeting,  ISmile Technologies and Customer will approve the Migration Plan and Migration Backlog, confirm the Services scope, and authorize the initiation of Phase 2.  


Approved Technical Design Document (TDD), Rehost Migration Solution Design, Approved Migration Plan, Technical Design, Prioritized Backlog of User Stories with Functional and Technical Requirements


The Azure Cloud Assessment is a comprehensive evaluation of your organization's cloud readiness, security, performance, and cost optimization. This assessment will help you understand how your organization can leverage Azure Cloud services to improve business outcomes, reduce operational costs, and improve security posture. 

The Azure Cloud Assessment takes 6 weeks to complete. Our team will work closely with your organization to gather the necessary data and perform the analysis required to deliver a detailed report and recommendations. 

The deliverable of the Azure Cloud Assessment is a detailed report that includes insights, recommendations, and a roadmap for cloud migration or optimization. This report will provide an overview of your current environment, identify potential areas for improvement, and outline the steps required to achieve your cloud objectives. 

The Azure Cloud Assessment requires access to your organization's cloud environment, network, and application architecture. Our team will work closely with your IT staff to gather the necessary data, including network diagrams, application inventory, security policies, and performance metrics. 

The cost of the Azure Cloud Assessment depends on the size and complexity of your organization's cloud environment. Our team will provide you with a detailed proposal that outlines the cost and scope of the assessment based on your specific requirements. Contact us for more information on pricing and delivery. 

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