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Accelerating cloud adoption has been the primary target of technical strategists to transform the landscape and induce agility in businesses. But it is just one part of the story. With cloud adoption, many cloud-related tasks prop up, which, if not appropriately managed, may push the organization into a zone that the cost of implementing cloud is more than the returns. There are operational, security and value risks with every cloud adoption. 

Cloud Managed - Operation Services

Pricing Packages

Our Cloud Ops Services

Our range of cloud ops services include

Cloud Deployment

We employ resources and technology stack for deployment of applications, systems and other components with different hosting models like SAAS, PAAS and IAAS

Cloud Security

We audit and adjust your security settings, protect data security by encrypting it, block suspicious network traffic, optimize the workloads for limiting number of requests to servers and so on.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

We provide complete cloud back-up solutions for providing greater and faster access to your files. We isolate and compartmentalize devices to protect your data from malware attacks and disasters.

Monitoring & Maintenance

We automate the monitoring of applications, servers and other system components on cloud. Along with that we monitor availability, request response times, resource utilization and others on cloud.

Cloud Infrastructure Set-up & Audit

We undertake complete setup of your networks, servers, storage and computing resources. We set up the directories, configuration, provisioning and other set up requirments for cloud operations.

Cloud Migration Support

We provide end to end cloud migration support including containerization, dependency mapping, creating the in-transition to cloud architecture , prioritizing the VMs and mission critical workloads for migrations and so on.

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Why ISmile Technologies
for Cloud Ops Services?

Through our Cloud Ops services, we ensure


ISmile offers business-specific cloud solutions to drive maximum performance at minimum cost. We have an agile development process and flexible engagement plans. 

Managed cloud services have complete control of the client’s cloud platform, with migration, maintenance and optimization. By using managed cloud services, a business can ensure its cloud resources run efficiently.

Cloud management services include partial/complete management of your cloud infrastructure and resources. 

We have three types of packages for cloud managed services: Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Each package contains a different type of service depending upon the capability of your business. 

Cloud managed services make your business run smoothly and easy for most tasks. It is the modern way of managing data to make it accessible to most clients. It directly affects the growth of the company. 

There are three main types of cloud-storage services public, private and hybrid cloud. Depending on the exposer of your business, you can choose which type of cloud managed services you need. 

Outsourcing gives you leverage to pick specific services and ask an external company to help address specific business needs. And managed services take a much more holistic approach to provide excellence in technology services. 

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