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We provide customized solutions and innovative products which comes with easy configurations and is implemented, run and maintained by us on-site. Our post implementation support, massive and detailed documentation of the products ensure that you get peak performance from all our products and maximum ROI. Our products and solutions are carved by specialists in the field with world class technology and solutions frameworks. We ensure that the products are compatible with multiple platforms ad are thoroughly tested for high output and availability. 

Comprehensive range

of products and solutions for all industries

We provide a huge portfolio of products and solutions for industries ranging from Logistics, Real Estate, Education, Hospitality, retail, telecom, Publishing, Manufacturing, and lot more.

We have delivered over 200+ digital transformation projects,60+ platform modernization projects and 70+ enterprise data science projects. We provide numerous products for digital transformation, neuromarketing, asset management, learning management, big data management, DevOps, cloud transformation, inducing AI-ML capabilities in the organization and lot more. With easy maintenance features and offering high levels of scalability, our products and solutions have been recognized as one of the best in the market 

Our Range of Products

We have over 100+ categories of products and solutions.
Each of our solutions and products have helped us earn client trust and solve major industry problems

Neuromarketing Pro 2.0

Our neuromarketing solutions help you to understand your customers while they are interacting with your product or using it or even when they are just analyzing the product to buy it.

Asset Management Pro

Our Asset Management system solves the challenges associated with managing software licenses held by users across an organization.

Barakah Remote Suite 2.0

Our Barakah Remote Suite 2.0 onboards your employees, contractors, contingent workers to work remotely or from office within a couple of hours.

Covid Analyzer

Covid-19 Analyzer developed by us detects Covid-19 at early stages. It initiates quick diagnosis to stop the spread of virus.

SHENOY Medical Bill Review System 2.0

Our Medical bill review systems ingests data from multiple sources, runs them against our automated rules engines, and gets validation by a professional claims administrator, professional vendor.


SHIFA EMR is an Electronic Medical Records solution designed for clinics. SHIFA is a client-server design that has 2 main components, it needs in order to work: the database and the SHIFA application.

Vistual Assitant

Conversational builder is the heart of our Virtual assistants. This part of the solution monitors and controls the virtual assistant system.

Education Resource management

The live tutor bot works with dialog flow matching intents of students search. It works with Google Compute Engine, Google Cloud Functions and Identity Access Management Systems.

IFRS-17 compliance box

IFRS 17 standardizes insurance accounting globally to improve comparability and increase transparency, and to provide users of accounts with the information they need, performance and risk exposure.

Healthcare and LifeScience Analytics

We can collect real time data from all the IOT devices connected to the patient’s room. We can use Facial Expression Recognition to find the changes in patient’s emotions/ facial expressions.

eCommerce Bot

We have brought our live E-Commerce bot that interacts and helps customers 24*7 whoever is coming to your website, makes product recommendations to customers based on User Budget.

Vistual Consultant

Our Virtual Consultant is a transformative solution for patient treatments. It helps in booking doctors’ appointments and consultations.

Oncology - (My Skin detect)

We have brought My Skin Doc that is an easy and reliable way to check whether you have skin cancer or not. This helps prevent fatality and assures complete recovery for the patient.

Electronic School Management System

Our e-School Management System (e-SMS) has been developed to help school administration and teaching staff to manage and monitor students’ school activities.

Enterprise data platform

Our EDP solution helps in extracting unstructured data from various sources and transforming it into meaningful data in the form of dashboard​.

Robotic Vision

We have come up with robotic vision bots for efficient sewer inspection. The domains or industries we serve include Government water suppliers, Municipal corporation, Chemical industries

Automotive Predictive Analyzer

We have created automotive predictive analyser mobile app. Its driver assist & route optimisation features notify through SOS signal sender & helps when the driver is distracted or drowsy.

Demand Forecast

Our product aims to determine of the level of production, manpower requirements, equipment and inventory levels.

User Engagement website / Scrapper

We created a user engagement website by applying advanced analytics to the unstructured data set, which would eventually lead to increase in user engagement, membership and ad revenues.

Marketing Analytics

The primary goal of our marketing analytics solution is to build a probabilistic model for forecasting customer lifetime value in non-contractual setting on an individual level.​

Resturent Inventory Management

Restaurant inventory management involves keeping track of raw and processed goods to plan purchasing, understand food costs, use the raw materials based on freshness and donating the excess food to avoid wastage.

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