iSmile Technologies Announces Monthly Webinar Series for Cloud Experts: Cloud Foundation & Migrating Application

CHICAGO, September 01, 2021

Today iSmile Technologies announced it will host a new webinar series, Cloud Foundation & Migrating Application, in response to the benefits cloud brings — especially in today’s rapidly changing. ComputerWeekly reports that 82 percent of IT leaders who replied to a Snow Software poll have increased their use of cloud as a direct response to COVID-19, with 76 percent indicating a rise in cloud infrastructure investment. iSmile Technologies has recently worked with numerous businesses to assist them swiftly transition to the cloud and respond to market upheaval with more flexibility and agility, underscoring this point further.

Some companies have a rush on moving to the cloud, but they lack the cloud knowledge to establish effective guardrails, leaving them vulnerable to security blunders like leaving public endpoints unprotected. As a result, iSmile Technologies is hosting a FREE exclusive webinar for Technology leaders on “Setting Up the Cloud Foundation and Migrating Applications to The Cloud” scheduled on 28th September at 11 AM CST.

Building the right foundation and choosing the right migration strategies is the key to cloud migration. Each month, iSmile Technologies will bring tech experts under one umbrella for a live discussion and Q&A. Speakers and themes will vary month to month, but the overall subject will remain constant: what are the latest changes impacting cloud adoption strategies and tech professionals and how should they shift their strategy to navigate the uncertainty effectively? Each webinar will offer new insights as the situation evolves.

“We believe that a monthly series, with expert advice and a live Q&A for attendees, is the best way to address the wide range of Cloud and data related concerns right now.”

The webinar series will cover topics like:

· Building the Cloud foundation

· Migrating commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) or in-house applications to the cloud.

· Choosing the right migration strategies To register for today’s webinar, click here.

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