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How Technology is Reshaping Supply Chain Management

Technology is rapidly changing day by day in every business sector. Supply chain management system has also been affected by it significantly. From real time tracking of products to precise delivery, every step of the system is ripe for technological revolution. Businesses need to survive amid such revolutionary changes, they need to upgrade themselves every now and then and with intense competition in the market it’s a never ending process. Following are few ways in which technology is reshaping supply chain management: 

1. Transparent Process 

Reduction of supply chain cost is main objective of shippers. They want more facilities with complete transparency from their supply chain managers. With the introduction of wireless and cloud facilities, the process has become automatic, accurate and more transparent.  

2. Tracking of employee activity 

Smartphone technology has given advantage to shippers and merchants to connect and track activities of every individual associated with process. Communication flow has become much faster and easier. There is no question of insincerity when there is technology to capture the actual position of the goods/product. Also, organization can easily know the status of their employee with Electronic Logging Devices.  

supply chain management

3. Real Time Communication 

Digital devices have developed unity and development among an organization by providing real-time communication. Managers are able to access live information of the activities in the supply chain. Better communication supports in real time product tracking and accurate delivery, which results in greater customer satisfaction.  

4. Opportunities for small businesses 

Current technology has ample amount of opportunities for every type of organization, ne it small organization or large one. Small organization with less investment can make use of many resources. Everything has a cheaper alternative which can be utilized by such organizations.  Technology has made businesses more flexible.  

5. Internet Shopping 

Picking product from warehouse to end delivery to customer, supply chain management is dipped in technology. Vendors, customers, everyone who has authority in the supply chain system can track the actual product transportation stage easily with today’s technology. This has improved relationship between end customer and vendors.   

6. Cloud based systems 

Cloud based platforms safeguards customer and vendor information and offers flexibility to fetch information from anywhere and anytime. Technology has allowed vendors to monitor and record movements of the transportation vehicles and stages to avoid any kind of issues and even if issues occur then they could be resolved in few clicks which makes everyone involved in the process happy. Traditional supply chain methods use to involve lot of paperwork, from permits to recording information. Now, everything is app based and once the information is saved in the cloud, then both vendor and customer do not need to fill the information again and again.  

Technology has changed the world of supply chain management and the process is never going to end. Supply chain system of every business is different, so they adoption of technology varies from business to business. Organizations just need to adopt the technological changes that improves the efficiency of their wok process and is cost effective.   

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