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Multi-cloud management best practices

The best practices that Ismile Technologies employ for multi-cloud management includes 

  1. Auditing your business needs, mapping your entire IT architecture and networks to identify where cloud fits in your business 
  1. Map out the consumption of cloud storage, compute and data services required by each department of the organization and increase or decrease the resources accordingly 
  1. Integrate information, governance, process and tools and benchmark the integration standards 
  1. Massively use containers for moving to cloud environments so that performance and workflows doesn’t get disrupted 
  1. Put a proper disaster recovery protocol in place 
  1. Have a clear, detailed SLA and own the responsibility for each activity coming within our contract terms 
  1. Maintain a secure, encrypted flow of sensitive information between on-premise and cloud 
  1. Conduct complete cloud security analysis and negate the loopholes and vulnerabilities with firewalls, Identification management systems and others 
  1. Maintain the availability of mission critical workloads ensuring zero downtime 

If you are planning to migrate your applications and systems to cloud, the most secure and cost-effective organization is us. 

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