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How COVID-Analyzer helps us all?

Who can benefit from the COVID-Analyzer?

All public spaces and businesses can benefit from this product. Some of the examples of such most common places is given below:

  • Restaurants
  • Universities
  • Business Workspaces
  • Banks
  • Gyms/Fitness Centers
  • All Social Gatherings .. etc.


How Does COVID-Analyzer work?

The COVID-Analyzer consists of multiple models integrated together into a website portal. It also has hardware integrations with different sensors for measuring body vitals.


  • A survey model is a probabilistic model which is checks the symptoms in the form of questionnaire and helps make the decision to seek medical care. This helps in an early detection of the onset of the virus thus reducing the delay in medical treatment.
  • An external sensor is mounted in the hardware to read the body temperature and these readings are relayed directly to cloud where this information is stored. This helps to analyze the body temperature as it is a prime attribute in symptoms.

  • Another external sensor is present for the oximeter and pulse analysis as these are very important body vitals. This sensor is used to measure the levels of oxygen in the blood and monitor the pulse rate. These body vitals are important to determine the health status of an individual. 

  • A voice recognition module is used to check for soreness in throat & possibility of cough. This model asks you to record your voice in the application and then extracts the vocal features from the audio to determine if you have a sore throat or any indication of cough.

  • A facial module is used for assessment of facial features to detect fatigue, tiredness etc. This model streams a video and asks you to click a snapshot so that the frame covers your entire face. This snapshot of your face is used to extract facial micro-features and determine if you have fatigue, tiredness which is displayed through your face.

  • An X-ray model is used to look for chest x-rays and check the possibility of already infected by COVID. This model will ask you to upload an image of your chest X-ray in any of the standard image formats. Then it will analyze that chest X-ray for abnormalities or any deviations to determine if the user is infected by COVID.

  • A geolocator module is used to display all the nearby medical facilities. This module asks you to enter your zip code or allow it to automatically detect your location. After that, based on your location, it provides the addresses and contact information of all the medical and care facilities for COVID near you so that you can go ahead and seek medical help if needed.


How does COVID Analyzer help you reopen:

  • Ensuring the safety of your business space from COVID by monitoring all the employees and customers on daily or weekly basis.
  • Providing a safe environment will help regain your business. 
  • Early detection of COVID-19 inducing early treatment.
  • Higher testing accuracy than the traditional laser thermometer.  
  • Having the ability to charge per test. 
  • Control the spread of infection in the business places.
  • Allow businesses to reopen efficiently after pandemic.
  • One stop shops to analyze the symptoms of individuals.
  • Ease of accessibility and simplicity in the use of the product.

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